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 ICD -9-CM questions??
Postgastrectomy diarrhea
Include a E Code for the post surgery reaction.

Acute mitral valve disease, ...

 Crazy Blood Pressure!?
I am 22 years old....26 weeks pregnant. I am in the hospital due to my bp...found out I had it at 8 weeks pregnant (first ob appointment) not sure if I had it before pregnancy or not (though it would ...

 my blood pressure is up but my heart rate is down?
i take atenolol for blood pressure that keeps me in the normal range but my pressure is up and pulse rate is low(57) is this dangerous or just a normal ...

 who to overcome irregular pvc's?
I have a buddy and he has irregular pvc's. He's pretty active. He had this condition over a year and a half and he's only 16. He has had heart catherders before, but the palpitations ...

 should i go to the ER?
since tuesday morning i have been feeling a little depressed and didn't eat much of anything. Wednesday my stomach started to hurt when i would eat so i didnt eat anything the rest of the day. ...

 Do I have angina or coronary artery disease?
I've been having a weird chest pain,in the middle of my chest. I just went to see a doctor and he says it's heart burn but it isn't a burny feeling. I usually only get this pain when I ...

 So "lean" meats don't raise your bad cholesterol, only meats that have fat (saturated fats) on them do ?

 my heart rate has been 115-120 BPM for like 12 hours, is this bad?
I just started taking adderall and I an really enjoying the additional focus the pills are giving me my heart has been beating about 115-120BPM for the last 12 hours. Is this too high of heartbeat ...

 Heart problems??!! help plz?
So today I've been getting this sensation of tickling in my heart. Yes I know it sounds weird but that's the best way I can describe it and after the tickling I get a chill that goes ...

 What things increase your risk of cardiovascular disease?
I need to make a list of 10 different things that increase risk of cardiovascular disease.

Can anyone help me out. the answers don't have to be real long. Anything ...

 how to fix my heart before an attack? HELP! 10 pts?
I'm 32, and im not really physically active. I haven't ever been actually-mostly because i spent most of my life studying to be a physician. When i was younger i was fat and used to Eat-A...

 i think i might be havein small heart attacks what do u think?
its been happening for 5 years. my chest always hurts and i went to the hospital once and i tested positive for a blood clot but they didn't find one and they sent me home with pain medicine. ...

 i had an ecg today the docs said it was fine my heart and lungs?
had an ecg today the docs said im fine lungs and heart is fine but i just coughed up light red of blood is it due to coughin to much plz ...

 stroke victim finical help?
can anyone tell me where i can get some help. ins is out savings gone and ss will take 6 ...

 ive noticed over the last few weeks my heart starts randomly beating very fast. its uncomfortable and scary?
im 17 and i smoke 1 or 2 ciggarettes a day other than that im a very ...

 Is there anything in specific that someone should eat after a heart transplant to aid in the recovery?
My friend's grandfather is currently in surgery for a heart transplant. I want to help their family by making something for him to eat. Help please?...

 pulmonary veins and arteries..?
why are the pulmonary veins called veins if they carry oxygenated blood?
why are pulmonary arteries called arteries if they carry deoxygenated blood?...

 how long does it take to lower cholesterol?

 will high cholesterol go away?
i am currently researching more on high cholesterol. I was just diagnoses with high cholesterol. what to know if it will go away with proper diet and exercise....

 i think im having heart palpitations?
i have been consciously aware of my heartbeat for the last couple of days. Four days ago, i drank 2 five hour energies, one in the morning and one at night. Ever since then, my heart feels like it ...

why does my heart beat always feel fast and uncomfortable in my chest? is that anxiety or something else?
Sometimes I feel like I am dying or something, I think it's my heart but I'm not sure, I often have this sinking, horrible feeling and my heart feels like it's beating too fast and it's uncomfortable. Could that be anxiety? I also feel like I can't breathe well for some reason, I have to breathe in deeply sometimes to feel like I am breathing properly, and when I do that I feel lightheaded and dizzy. I also feel really weak most of the time, sometimes it's kind of hard to stand up and walk around for a long time I feel sick or something. I don't get proper exercise, could that be why?

Graeme Dougles
If you are over weight and don't exercise, this is the problem. Just go jogging for half an hour each day in a few months this should go away =)

sounds like heart palpitations where u feel your hearts skipped a beat

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