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 Need info ASAP: May have been on Yahoo Health news end of Oct.. See details.?
Did anyone see on Yahoo news or in their paper or on TV about the artificial material used for heart shunts breaking off into the arteries and causing further damage? I looked at various health Web ...

 how much does it cost for a artifical heart all togeather the heart and the procedure?

 What does abnormal repolarization in s1 and s3 mean.?
I have had this pacer for 7months with no problems and all of a sudden palpatations, shortness of breath and lightheaded. Test only reveal pac's pvc's runs of supraventricular tachy. and ...

 Is Asparteme bad for health? Does using it for long period a contributory factor in person's paralysis/stroke?

 if suppose a patient gets heart attack,is SORBITROL the tablet that must be kept under the tongue???
doctors plz answer....

 What is the life expectancy of a man 58 years old , had 4 way by pass in 89, has a pacemaker, and defibulator?
Note, the man still drinks, and smokes and is over weight. Oh he had a three way by pass in 81 also. His heart is enlarged also....

 why heart to speaks to heart?

 which vinegar is good for arteries?

 Quick rise in systolic blood pressure?
Last Feb. my systolic BP was normal for me (95). Beginning in the summer it was 148 on a consistent basis. BP is still high (for me). My diastolic hasn't changed much.

What ...

 Had high blood pressure at the hospital tonight? Could I just have been a little worked up?
Had some chest pains tonight and went to the ER. Was not sure if it was my heart or my anxiety problem that occurs pretty frequent. It turned out to be chest pains from brochitis. It was inflamed. W...

 Right before my period,{PMS} I have irregular heart beats.Last night when I would take a deep breath my heart?
would pause-beat 6 times fast then go back to normal.I listening to it on my stethoscope.Is this serious? Im 47 ....

 can angina pectoris kill you?

 cerebral pulmonary resuscitation?

 blood pressure?
A doctor gives you an diuretic that will make you lose K+ in order to lower your blood pressure. HOw does it work? All I know is that this creates hypoalkemia and that the resting membrane potential ...

 Anyone know anything about "mitral valve prolapse"?
I was told on Tuesday that i have "mitral valve prolapse" and that i inherited it and that i will be fine. Well i take toporol xl 50 mg because the mitral valve prolapse makes my heart beat ...

 On a RX, what does 3.5cc po q d x 10 days mean?

 What is the origin of the word stroke, as in a person who suffers a stroke?
this question came up in my EMT class on ...

 what are the causesof stroke and heart attack? what are the preventive measure?
I have pain in my heart and I was told it could be partial stroke. My heart feels so heavy....

 Women's Health Initiative 2006, DART 1989, Lyon Diet Heart Study 1994 Will You Look These Up Too?



 why is it i always waking up with my heart beating very fast?
its quite scary sometimes.. sometimes i feel like choking n woke up with my heart beating very2 fast sometimes breatheless ... its been going on for quite sometime. i;m on the overweight side is it ...

why does blood pressure vary so much?
i take my bp. it's 138/88. 5 minutes later, it'sa 135/79, each time it's different, sometimes with more points between readings. is it the machine?

Nope. When u are relax u have different readings.Like when u are standing.Doing something it varies even when u just sitting

no,it's normal. blood pressure vary due to your physical activity,imagination,and emotional reaction.in high physical activity,it is high.at sleeping time,it is low.when you are angry/sad/happy/nervous,it can be higher.when you imagine something that can make you angry/sad/happy/nervous,it can also be higher.that's why for clinical purpose in the hospital they also take our bp during sleep.
but if the variation is too high, eg: 90/70 in the morning and 140/100 in the afternoon,you'd better check your heart function.could be something wrong with it.

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