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 if you had heart probs?
if you had a heart problem will something happen to you in a short space of time? im told within 6 hours if its the heart. some people think it is but its the chest wall?...

 Can your heart burst?
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My resting heart rate is usually 55-65. It says on the internet that this could be a sign of Bradycardia. I am not overly concerned about this, I just wondered if a low resting heart rate could ...

 diffrence between artery and conory artery?
artery carries blood away from the heart and to the organs,right?
veins carry blood away fromt he organs and back to the heart,correct?
then what does a conory artery do and is it similar ...

 I just checked my heart rate and it was 52 bpm?
i'm not not fat nor am i in shape i'm not athletic either why is my heart rate so slow btw i'm 22 years old ...

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is it possible and what are all the ...

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 Is rapid heart rate and low blood pressure with the shakes a sign of adrenal insufficiency?

 what would you do if someone had an heart attack?

 Now,What are the reasons for heart attack for old people, say over 60?

My best friend Sarah has a hole in her heart and she had surgery today and It's been 7 hours since her surgery ended and she is still asleep and she had a seizure and she might have brain damage....

 Is it normal to feel like your heart stoped pumping? plz help me thanks?

Ok.... So here I am again asking a question for opinions.. Seriously I don't think I trust my doctor. He was new to me a month ago and I went in with a BP of 140/100 stressed out and overweight ...

 why does my Heart hurt when i breath?
when i breath full/ hard my heart starts to hurt

why does this happen?

is it serous?...

 is this normal blood pressure?

 My mother has congestive heart failure. and for the past week her left foot has been so swollen. Why?
her left foot has been so swollen that she can not put her shoes on. Which is worse, if your left foot is swollen or your right foot? Is her heart getting worse? I thought her Doctor said that if ...

 Can you have High Blood Pressure aged 17?
Im just wondering this as i've been feeling ill for a few years now since I was 15. I feel dizzy most of the time, when I stand up in the morning I go light headed for a few seconds, I suffer ...

 What is Valve leakage?What does it cause?
Dear All,
My Mother has recently reported of Valve leakage...She is a diabaetic for past 6 years..Please help me to understand about it in detail about the causes and ...

 What's Hypertension?
side effects, etc....

what should the blood pressure be for a fit 53 year old man?
and what should his heart rate be,thanks in advance to all who answer.

Princess Paradox
A healthy blood pressure is less than 145/90 but it's nothing to worry about unless it is over 165/100. Heart rate should ideally be below 70 but is nothing to worry about unless it is over 90.

Previously it was thought that BP is raised with the age and that is normal. This is not so. As some of the answers here told that it should be 120 / 80 . To know more about this you may refer to the following link.

normal blood pressure is about 120/ 80. Pre- hypertensive(high blood pressure) any blood pressure over 140/90. Normal heart rate is between 60 to 100 beats per minute.

Dr Frank
Though BP does have a tendency to rise with age, normal blood pressure in adults is not age dependant and remains constant at 120/80.

Pulse rate should be 68-70.

If you ensure you are no more than your ideal weight, take regular vigorous exercise and reduce your salt intake, you increase your chances of having both normal BP and pulse rate.

Have look here. Don't hesitate about going to see your GP if you are concerned that is what they are there for.

Kernow Lady
I'm 61 and had mine done last week. It was 120/80 which the Doc said was normal. It can change during the day by a few degrees.

120/80 is healthy.

Normal BP is <120/80- this is always the aim, regardless of age. The higher the BP, the greater the stroke risk. Normal adult heart rate is 60-100bpm.

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