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stefanie c
what is a normal heart beat per-minute?
I am a 25 yr. old female and my heart beat has been steadily beating hard and fast for the past 4 days. i can feel it beating across my chest and throat without touching with my hands, it feels like it is beating hard. My heartbeat per-minute is 107 (sitting). If anyone could enlighten me about this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

last i knew it was 72 beats per minute. call the hospital and ask them cuz we are not doctors and won't know what other questions to ask. i don't mean to alarm you but you are better off to have it checked out with a free phone call.

between 45 and 120 beats per minute or thereabouts...average is like 90 or something

mine is around 65, the lower the better, the less your heart has to beat to pump the same amount of blood, pro cyclists have like 40 beats per min and stuff like that

60-80 beats per minute is an average at rest pulse rate. I would check with a Dr. about your tachycardia.

great health..60-70..should not be over 100..resting.you may have the flu?..

hight and weight would help out but i would say a normal is around 60-70 resting....just walking or recently walking would be 10-20 higher....check WEBMD type it in on google....


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