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 does paxil raise your blood pressure?
My doctor switched me from clonazepam to paxil a couple of months ago and im curious as to wether or not the paxil is to blame for my high blood pressure i was told i have at my last visit,the paxil ...

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 how to deal with hypertension?
i am always scared,like about little things.i am scared to travel in a public transportation vehicle,i am scared to socialize,i am always tensed.i just don't know why.please help if u can.....

 how serious are heart murmers?
i got diagnosed with one today. he is still going to run some tests, blood test, heart moniter and an exercise test. but in the mean time am i safe? is there anything i need to do or avoid? i'm ...

 Can heat give you heart palpitations?
During this summer heat wave, I felt like my heart was pounding a few times when I was out running errands. Nothing too alarming, but like it would feel if I was anxious, except that I wasn't ...

 What would my heart rate be?
If I dove into water from too high and the force of impact was too much and caused trama, what would a typical heart rate be? I'm sixteen and super ...

 What is happening to me?
Okay im 17. Im very stressed out alot. In summerschool, this has been happening about 2 weeks now, ive been soo nervous, my heart feels like its beating out of my chest. Also i sweat, i get dizzy. S...

 my husband passed out on the toilet, could this be a stroke or heart attack?

 My mom has high blood pressure and went to emergency. She's now dizzy. Help!?
Her blood pressure was at 225 last night at emergency and lowered to 205 this morning with the pills. Since last night, she has trouble walking though because she feels light-headed. What does this ...

 How does someone recover from a heart attack?
My grandma had a heart attack Sunday and is in the hospital still. I don't think she is fully there though, like it takes a long time for her to answer. How long does a person to take to recover ...

 what are minor heart attacks?

 I have a question related to health?
pleas help me my problem is related to using mouse and my wrist is painful because of using mouse of course I visited a doctor he just gave me Dietary supplement not more and added that your muscles ...

 I have a question about my cholesterol?
my total cholesterol is 327
my HDL is 37
my LDL is 264
what does this mean besides my cholesterol is way to high

besides eatting grilled fish and veggies
no red meats ...

 What could be the cause of high blood pressure?
I am 18 and if anything underweight. Though I seem to be healthy. I took 3 blood pressure tests fully relaxed and my average was 140/75. What could be the problem?...

 Whats the difference between Beta Blockers and Clonidine in treating Hypertension?
I know clonidine is a Ξ±2 adrenergic agonist, but dont both lower hypertension and block epinephrine?
I was prescribed a beta blocker for hypertension, but I had asthma as a child and the ...

 Does your heart skip a beat or two sometimes for no reason?

 Are my heart palpitations serious?
i've been taking prozac for almost a week now (20 mg). Before that, i took Zoloft 100 mg for about 4 weeks. When I started Zoloft, I started having heart palpiations, but only in the late ...

 Can a person who has long QT Syndrome die suddenly?
I know a friend who is on treatment but I'm still afraid he can die suddenly. Can that happen?...

 Fainted after night out!!?
Hey, was wondering if someone can shed a little light on why I fainted the morning after the night before.
I did have ALOT of beers (bout 20 bottles) and went to bed at about 4am and woke at 10...

 I'm 15, bulimic, and I think I'm having a heart attack?
But I'm scared that I'm overreacting. I'm home alone. I just got up. I have chest pain and and my left arm hurts, I'm lightheaded and short of breath. I don't know what to do,...

Helen K
what can really clean out your arteries?

nothing except surgery to replace the arteries - by pass surgery - or angioplasty which is when they stick a thin tube up in the arteries. the tip of the tube has a balloon they inflate and it presses the plaque (the fatty deposits you develope from lack of exercise, smoking , eating fatty foods etc.) back against wall of the artery thus opening the passage way for blood to flow. people get chest pain because heart, a muscle, is not getting enough blood flow which is caused by the plaque Dietary changes and exercisehelp to keep the arteries open but once they become blocked they need a medical procedure

...no beef, and small amounts of other meats...salmon 2-3x a week is good though
...no processed foods (fries, burgers, cake, etc.)
...eats lots 'o greens
...drink carrot juice, acai juice, and a ton of water
...lots of walking and cardio work outs (tennis, jogging, baseball)
...flax pills
...oats and healthy grainy breakfast with fresh fruit
...limit calories
...don't take pills of ANY kind (even tylenol) unless absolutely necessary
...NO stressing/smile LOTS, and do stuff that makes you feel happy
...green tea
...don't sleep on what you eat (make rules -- kitchen closed after 6 PM, no sitting after work until you get your walk on...)
...stop any smoking, drugs, drinking (other than a small glass of red wine here and there)

Now, I know some of this may not CLEAN arteries, but it will definitely be a contributing factor to overall good health, and it will also help purifying the arteries. Look into "Amazing Green Grass" -- great product that is great when you crave chocolate. I do that with some low cal (unsweetened) almond milk and it totally satisfies me. It's not so much about diet as it is LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

Good luck & best wishes!

PS- Walnuts are also very good for your heart! Take your B-12s and your multi!

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