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 what's going on with my heart?
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 Heart question.....?
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 is it ok to still have a rapid heart beat, 4 days after taking party pills?
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what can a doctor tell from listening to your heart with a stethoscopes?
Can they tell if there need to be more test? or do they just make sure the heart beat has the right rhythem? For instance would they be able to tell if they need to give you a EKG just by listeing?

my understanding is that the doctor can tell you if your heart is still beating

Starry Eyed
They should be able to tell if your heart is beating correctly and how fast it is beating with the stethoscope. They should definitely be able to tell if you need an EKG by listening.

They listen for the rythm and for any murmurs. There are normal heart sounds they listen for and if something does not sound right the next step is usually an EKG which shows how the hearts valves are firing or pumping out.

They can hear the rhythm of your heart, and in that case, if it sounded uneven they might want to see the waveforms on an EKG.

More importantly, they can hear the valves closing, and from that sound they can tell if there are problems such as valve prolapse or leaky valves. The sound should have an abrupt "thump" sound. If it has a 'brrrrr" sound, that indicates blood if flowing backwards through an imperfectly closed valve. That sound, BTW, is commonly called a "murmur".

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