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Canadian Ire
what are the stages of end of life when heart is weak?
my dad has a weak heart helped with a pace maker, but now lungs are starting to fill with fluid. What to expect next on the downward spiral..as it seems digestion/elimination is problematic now. Doctors are being very quiet. I know it is a total systems failure but it must be a step by step thing? Where can I find the info.

Normally they call it "End stage".

Here is a website that I hope someone and/or a nurse can help you with your questions.


To answer most thoroughly , is there a diagnosis? Or is it old age? There has to be a reason behind the fluid overload, and impaired dig.

End stage of life due to weak heart we call decompensate of congestive heart failure that mean the heart lose enough function to circulate blood to whole body despite how the body try to adjust to compensate the situation or even use drug or other method( except change a new heart) that is we call decompensative failure.;for the lung fluid will stay there call pulmonary edema and end up hypoxia(not enough oxygen in blood) for the kidney due to poor circulation the toxic products can not discharge from the body and for digestive system not enough nutrition intake for the brain due to not enough oxygen and accumulation of toxic lose of normal survival environment(acidosis) it function end up comatose.Finally the heart is going to completely lose the function and beat irregular then stop.The whole process could be very slow or very fast due to sever complication such as infection;pneumonia.

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