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what are some things that can make your blood pressure go up?
is stress or the food we intake a factor in high blood pressure

To believe that stress triggers high blood pressure, one would have to believe that high blood pressure is psychosomatic since whatever triggers stress has to be processed in the brain before we recognize it as stress. This would mean that the brain is saying, "Uh-Oh! Stress! I'd better elevate the blood pressure!".

I know this sounds crazy, but so is believing that stress causes high blood pressure.

Another myth is that salt causes high blood pressure. If this were true, then every one of us would be walking coronary cases. This is because the body is made up of mostly water and salt. The top three substances, in order, that sustain life are oxygen, water and salt. Water and salt make up 75% of the tissues, 85% of the brain and 94% of the blood. Surely, if salt was so dangerous, there wouldn't be this much flowing through our bodies every second.

But here's something to consider that doctors refuse to recognize -

Every cell in the body needs important nutrients to function properly. The only way they can get these nutrients is when they're delivered by water (which contains salt). Besides being a nutrient delivery system, water and salt also provide the hydroelectric impulses that the cells, brain, nerve system and organs need to function properly. Without water, it doesn't happen. Water and salt also flush the toxins out of the cells and carries them away. Both water and salt have dozens of other important functions in the body that the medical profession seems to ignore - why else would they lie about salt causing high blood pressure?

Doctors advise "drink plenty of fluids". "Fluids" includes every drink under the sun, and because soft drinks, coffee, energy drinks and other alternatives contain water, people think they're okay. But this is incorrect. These drinks act like a diuretic and pull out as much as 50% more water than they provide. Add to this the water loss through respiration and kidney function and we're talking a lot of water that is going out, but isn't being replaced.

This is unintentional dehydration, and it is what causes high blood pressure (and many other diseases). Not drinking enough water causes the cells to malfunction, which results in disease and tissue damage.

When you don't drink enough water, the body senses a drought condition and rations the available water to use in the most vital organs. It also begins a search for water from other internal sources - one of the main ones is the blood (94% water). Taking the water from the blood causes the arteries to constrict and the blood to thicken. This makes the heart have to exert more pressure to pump the blood, which translates into your high blood pressure reading.

Another thing that happens when the blood thickens is the salt that was mixed with the water begins to concentrate. This is what doctors are calling "excess salt" and telling you how dangerous salt is. But it isn't "excess" at all. It's the same amount of salt that was always there - it just had the water taken out.

This is the point where doctors like to put people on medication for the rest of their life. But medications do nothing but artificially keep the numbers low. You can't cure high blood pressure with medication - you have to address the cause, which is dehydration.

Increase the water and salt intake (yes, INCREASE the salt intake) to correct the problem. By drinking more water (nothing else but water - the body functions on water and won't accept anything else) the cells will re-hydrate and the body will stop taking the water it needs from the blood. Drinking more water will allow the arteries to refill properly, which will bring the blood pressure down to normal - all without drugs.

Click on the link below to learn how to do it properly.

smoking, caffeine, salt stress

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Help others
High salt intake, stress, caffeine can make your blood pressure go up.

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