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just me
unstable blood pressure?
my blood pressure is very high when standing 170s over 130s, but when laying or sitting its only 150s over 90s i have a very bad headache and my eyes feel full of pressure like i am tired and when i bend over my eyes and head hurt big tme. i am hypertensive and on medication for this is it normal for bp to jump this high when standing.

It sounds like your medication isn't doing much good - you need to correct your hypertension on your own. This is not to say that you should stop taking your medication. Do not stop until your doctor discontinues it - which he will once you lower your blood pressure the right way.

Contrary to what your doctor has probably told you, high blood pressure is caused by dehydration and not by salt.

Water and salt are two of the most important (and the most abundant) substances in the body. These substances have many important functions including delivering nutrients to all of the cells. When you don't drink enough water, the cells become deficient of nutrients and the body needs to look for water from internal sources. One of these sources is the blood, because blood is 94% water.

When it takes the water it needs from the blood to inject into the cells, the arteries constrict due to having less volume and the blood thickens. This requires the heart to have to exert more pressure to pump the thickened blood through the narrower cardiovascular system. This extra pressure is seen in the blood pressure gauge.

Because the body only filters out the water from the blood and not the salt that was mixed with the water, the salt gets concentrated. This is what doctors are calling "excess salt". It's not "excess" at all - it's just lacking the water it should have.

This is why the correct procedure to correct high blood pressure is to increase your water intake and not to cut back on salt. You need the salt to help retain the water in the blood. This is how salt actually regulates the blood pressure, instead of being the cause for it.

Another thing that happens when the blood thickens is, it becomes acidic as well. This acidic blood causes minute tears and abrasions to the inside of the artery walls. To prevent tiny pieces from breaking off and causing an embolism to the brain or to the lungs, the body will produce cholesterol to act as a Band-Aid to protect the damaged areas until repairs can be made.

Failure to recognize and treat the problem will cause more damage to the artery walls, which will require more cholesterol. This build up results in the atherosclerosis that Mary Boo mentioned.

Click on the link below to learn how to correct the problem(s) the right way.

Again, DO NOT discontinue your medication without your doctor's supervision.

Dr. B
It is very unusual for BP to jump when standing, normally it would drop because of the increased affect of gravity. If you already have a heart condition this probably is an indicator of a need for further medical attention.

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