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 high blood pressure to high?
hi iv just had my blood pressure took at my local doctors it was 147/99 was jus wondering weather or not this is high? i no it is high because they gave a appointment to go back next week but was ...

 How many times is a person generally shocked or defibrillated before the doctors determine it isn't working?
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 what are the ramifications of not controlling high blood pressure?

 what to do in sudden heart attack & weezing?
first ...

 Ways to get my husbands blood pressure down.?
My husband is only 27 years old he went to the doctors for a check up and his blood pressure was high so we started exercising early in the mornings last week well we got up this morning to do our ...

 heart pains and heart rate anorexia?
my anorexia is a bit out of control right now and im getting heart pains especially when i do even light exercise and sometimes i can feel my heart beating very slow other times it very fast for my ...

 If im getting an echocardiogram do you leave anything on for it if your a girl?
To me more specific can i keep my bra on or EVERYTHING has to come off. Because im really self conscious :S...

 Is my blood pressure at 125/80 something to worry about?
I'm 15 years old and recently my blood pressure has gotten in the prehypertension range. it's just slightly elevated but i'm still worried. I don't exercise that regularly but i ...


 If you smoke heavily, will you get a cardiovascular disease?
I searched and searched everything in Google, but I still don't have a clue whether you might get a cardiovascular disease if you smoke heavily. I need a straight out answer!...

 What is Coronary Heart Disease?
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 What's wrong with me?
I have been dealing with health issues for a while now and the main concern is my heart. I have very bad tachycardia, and my resting pulse is about 120-180. My doctor believes I may have heart damage ...

 If You Hear Your Hearbeat In Your Head Like You Are Wearing A Stethocope And You Hear Something ?
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 My 4 yr old's Heartbeat!!!!?
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 My blood pressure is 100 over 60. What's normal? Is this normal?

 symtome's of a mini strock?

 How do you know if you have heart failure>?
Just wondering :]...

 How could you lower your cholesterol?

I'm a very healthy person, I eat healhty ( i dont eat junk food), excercise regularly (In great shape), and im only 25!!!! The doctor said, im very, very healthy, i just have high ...

 Could heartrate of 220 be normal?
I have cardiomyopathy and an internal defibrillator. I was at my nephews birthday party yesterday and was being fairly active playing with the little kids. My defibrillator shocked me 2 times and i ...

 I get slight chest pains alot. I am a 21 year old overweight female.?
I used to have alot of full blown panic attacks, but now I don't. I just get chest pains that radiate into my jaw, left shoulder, or left arm. I've had several EKG's because I was ...

my blood pressure the other day was 177/80. Is this particularly high?
I do have ongoing health problems, but the doctor didn't really say much.

no it is fine,not dangerously high

Mary H
It is not particularly high, the medics dont like the bottom line to go much over 80!

yeah its high

Steaven Hansure
yer wow

That is a high reading.

According to the chart, in first the link below, your top number is stage 2 hypertension, while your bottom number fares a bit better, as "prehypertension".

The second link explains that even though you still have a low-ish bottom number (diastolic), the fact that your top number (sistolic) is high, still puts you in the hypertensive category.

My sword my trade.
Normal blood pressure is 60-90
the upper one it normally 90-120
It could be where you in pain? That makes your blood pressure go up. Lay off the sodium. ;)

Dr Frank
Single blood pressure readings are meaningless. Optimum BP is however ≤ 120/80.

Ideal blood pressure should be below 120/80 milligrams per decilitre, but also reading as 130/85 is considered normal.
If your systolic pressure is 130-139 and the diastolic pressure is 85-89 you are heading into risky territory.
A reading of 140/90 or higher means that it is time to take serious action!!!
Many people control the high blood pressure successfully by taking the natural BP Support Formula such as HYPERCET.
HYPERCET will maintain your normal blood pressure, supports the cardiovascular system to regulate blood flow promotes healthy artery.

Yes, that is too high to be healthy. It should be at least down to 130/80. When I visited my doctor with a reading like this, he became quite concerned, and put me on medication right away, which helped. He also told me to reduce my sodium (salt) intake significantly. Most of my salt intake has been coming from prepared/packaged/canned foods, so I have to cut back on those. I suggest you do a tally of all the salt you eat - it should be no more than 2200mg of sodium a day. Almost all prepared foods have a nutrition label with the amount and percentage (of recommended daily intake or RDI) of sodium.

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