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 what muscle tissue moves the heart?

 What happens when you have a heart attack?
As in...
do you faint ?
how in the end do you know if you've had one?
do you die?
how do you know if you've had one?
if youre out and about.. what do ...

 What factors can cause a person to have a a) Heart Attack b) Stroke c) Cardiac Arrest?
What factors can cause a person to have a,
a) Heart Attack
b) Stroke
c) Cardiac Arrest?...

 Do I have SVT (superventricular tachycardia), or palpitations?
Yesterday I experienced what can best be described as a sudden sensation of my heart unexpectedly jumping into my throat, beating there, and rising to about 100BPM. Now from what I understand of SVT ...

 I am 5"7", 250lbs, 40yrs old with congestive heart failure. I would like to weigh 165lbs. How do I start?

 Suddenly rapid heartbeat?
I occasionally get a rapid heartbeat out of nowhere, while I'm doing such things as lying in bed trying to fall asleep, watching tv, surfing the web, etc. Drinking cold liquids such as milk and ...

 Recent heart patient with no appetite, throwing up, and losing weight?
My grandfather had open heart surgery for a valve replacement and for a bypass/stint put in just last fall around Thanksgiving. He was in surgery for around 8hrs and they lost him a few times on the ...

 blood pressure?
what does 108/77 mmHG mean? and what is normal?
im a peteite ...

 Is it possible that an irregular heart beat could be due to lack of exercise ?
Is it possible ?...

 What can I do to help prevent heart disease?
I am a 15 year old girl. The three of my grandparents that have died died of heart attacks and my living grandmother is having a pacemaker put in today. Since I'm seemingly destined to heart ...

 How do I help my father recover from his recent heart surgery?

 HELP, HELP,HELP,HELP,HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… emergency!!!?
1.how do you take your blood preasure with a blood preasure tester at home?
2.what's the average blood preasure?
3.What is the highest amount above the normal blood preasure your blood ...

 Can Prednisone Make My Heart Race / Beat Weird?

i've been taking prednisone since 03/ 04/09 and i took it last night which was my first dose....and this morning when i got up ...every now and then my heart would race or beat ...

 Possible heart problems!?
Ok, I am 52 years old near 53, male and yes I smoke about 20 ish a day! Bad I know, and need my *** kicked, but why lie! The thing is I have smoked since I was around 12 years old, But at least I am ...

 what is a heart cathrization?
sorry about the spelling. my mom only just told me that my grandpa has one and most likely will get surgery tommarow. she said it has something to do with stress and blocking the heart. shes hiding ...

 can one have angina while you have normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol?

 Is having an irregular heart beat a bad thing?

 Should I be concerned about heart stuttering?
I just had some kind of attack where it felt like my chest was pounding in and out, and it made me kind of weak and fatigued. All I was doing was sitting down. Is this a problem? I have a ...

 I think I went into cardic arrest about 12 hours ago but came out of it naturally in about 5 minutes?
Is that possible? Well I'm not dead but I could have died I'm pretty sure..my pupils have been dilated all day..according to research I just found..it may have been cardiac arrest =( I was ...

 I am getting a stress echo test for my heart soon and I smoked marijuana in the past week Will it show up?

my blood pressure is 210/105?
i am taking norvasc 5mg

Blood Pressure/Cholesterol

Norvasc (Amlodipine) is used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure) and to treat angina (chest pain).

Usual dosage is 2.5 mg.

How long has it been since you took your medicine?

If you have been taking your medicine as prescribed, you should contact your physician immediately and have the dosage increased.

My first question would be how was it taken? A lot of the electronic home b/p machines can be off, if you have someone who knows how to take a manual one have them do that. If it really is that high and not coming down then going to the ER would be your best bet, they may not have to do much to get it down but you would rather go now than let it continue to climb and have a stroke

Hypertensive Crisis. Get checked into an emergency room ASAP. you are a stroke waiting to happen.

Go to the hospital. Normal blood pressure is 120/80. You're in a dangerous range.

Seriously, go to the ER RIGHT NOW. You could easily have a stroke at that blood pressure.

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