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 What does this blood pressure mean?
107 over 42, this seems odd to me, I dont know if having that low of a diastolic BP is indicative of anything or not.... Any ideas?...

 Is my cholesterol level too high? Is it good? I'm confused?
I'm 17 years old

My total value is 170 reference range is 125-170
My HDL Cholesterol is 64 reference range is 36-76
My LDL Cholesterol is 100 reference range is <100

 song to listen when your heart broken?
song to listen when my heart ...

 Is a %10 blockage in the arteries near the heart serious?
My mother has a few %10 blockages in different arteries near the heart. Is this serious? I cannot find any info on it. At what percentage to the put in stints, or do a bypass?...

 What is the use of the atria in the heart?
Why could the body not just have a valve from the artery that leads to the atria and one chamber to pump blood from?...

 About...EcG ? Sum 1 plz tell me abt this report, Im worried?
"Diastolic Relaxation sinus tachycardia artifact present abnormal rhythm ecg objective airway disease". Found in my report....gonna see a doctor tomorrow. but im very worried .could u plzz ...

 Is it likely for a healthy 22 year old man to have a heart attack/failure?
I'm very worried about my heart.
I keep getting sudden "episodes" throughout the day where it feels like i'm passing out, or going to pass out, like my body is failing... So ...

 defibrillation thingy.?
i was wondering how many time should an 80-year old person be defibrillate if his heart stops?...

 What is a normal blood pressure?
My blood pressure seems to be extremely unbelievably high I think my poor heart is failing. Seriously today I took it and it said my blood pressure was 142.99 and pulse was 111!!!!! BTW, I am 250 ...

 Is there anything wrong with my Heart?
Hey there, I'm 17 years old. Lately I've been having what is known as "Tachycardia" rapid heart beat from time to time. I've been experiencing it for the last 5 months, maybe ...

 Is there something wrong with my blood pressure? (120/90)?
i got a 120/90, i was just reading online and they said that if you have a 90 diastolic reading, it's mild hypertension?? i'm a 16 year old female, about 105 lbs.
I'm actually ...

 my heart is 35%will it improve?
i recently lost my license to drive a bus and lost my job could it improve to over 40%...

 What are the side effects?
What are the side effects of pulmicort and combivent inhalers? i take them one after the other as prescribed but i tend to feel dizzy afterwards and my hands start to shake. is this normal?
i ...

 ekg came out not so good and was put on nitro patches and beta blockers worried and need some info.?
i'm a 37 yr old female i've been having left chest pain (shoulder /back/chest) kinda feels like an aching pain and indigestion had ekg did not come back as good as the doc prefered but was ...

 I am a 30yr old female that smokes and drinks Mt Dew. I have been dizzy a lot my BP is 80/60 is this normal?
I am not sure what a normal blood pressure reading should be. It has been ranging for the last two weeks from 84/57 to 80/64. I get lightheaded and dizzy throughout the day and not sure if this is ...

 Can I do anything to improve my flattened and/or inverted T waves in an ECG?
I'm 33, went to dr with chest pain, they ran a lot of tests and found inverted/flattened t-waves so I had to have even more tests and they said maybe I had those t-waves my whole life, and that ...

 Are hearing problems inherited?
my mom has hearing problems and I do also. Is there a chance I got it from her?...

 wich is harder,nursing or sonography school?


 Cardiovascular Shock, Is A Person Awake?
I know that the eyes are open and staring and there are involuntary movements of the limbs although they are unresponsive. What I'm wondering is if they are aware of the situation. Do they feel ...

Richard Whittington
my blood pressure is 126/68?
my blood pressure is 126/68 is this bad are good?
want harm wood this caused??

O&#39;bama Rama
That's about average. What does your BP usually run? Normal for me is like 117/72, but it's always been a tad below what's considered average (120/80).

your blood pressure is normal. Even thought average is technically 120/80 you are 5 foot 8 and 238 pounds whether that is fat or muscle you are sustaining a good pressure for your weight compared to height.

Slight hypertension patient- nick

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