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 My 4 yr old's Heartbeat!!!!?
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 My blood pressure is 100 over 60. What's normal? Is this normal?

 symtome's of a mini strock?

my blood pressure is 108/56 is it normal?

ramesh rajendran
You are in low blood pressure .For Increasing B.P many ways are there you add more salt in food and do more physical exercise.

Yea its normal especially if you are thin. a normal pressure is 120/80 but if it goes over the 120/80 then be worried

Robert C
Avg normal blood pressure is about 120/80. I believe it is less for women, but that should be the norm all around. Yours doesn't seem to be too low, but if it should drop lower than 100/50, I'd say consult a physician.

Yes. It's low, but normal.

I wish people would lose the 120/80 is normal notion. BP is relative to you and your condition. There are sustained highs and lows that can cause concern and should be treated of course. If your bottom number is always in the high 90's or higher, or your top number is always above say 140 you should be evaluated. Unless you have symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, fainting or something similar, I say low is good. You certainly do not want to increase your salt intake to raise the numbers you have given. I have ofter advised that unless caused by an acute condition, the only problem caused by low BP is long life.

The blood pressure levels: Low Blood Pressure

Here's where you can find out:

Hi KP,

You have asked a great question concerning normal values. There are many ways of assessing the normal blood pressure.

Generally speaking your blood pressure is low when you are young and it gets higher as you get older because the arteries become hardened with artheromatous deposits.

People who eat healthy and do exercise regularly have lower blood pressures than people who eat high density lipids and do little exercise.

Generally the systolic BP is 100 plus the persons age. This is the higher of the two numbers. So if you are 8 years old your blood pressure is normal.

It is generally assumed that the diastolic should be around 80 mm Hg.

yes. if it goes over 140/100, then be worried

Nurse For 21 Years
Sounds perfectly fine to me.

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