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 Heart Skipping a beat?
For the past 2 nights, i have not been able to get to sleep. Tonite, i think it has something to do with my heart skipping a beat approximatly every 4 beats. If this is some form of anxiety or panic ...

 child with heart murmur?
My 7 year old child was diagnosed with an aortic heart murmur 2+ to 3+ in intensity today. In the past, some docs thought they heard a murmur but it was very minor, but usually it was not heard. T...

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the last 24 hours my mother has been suffering with loss of balance and severe headache, she has also had some blurred vision, what should i do? she has an appointment with a gp in 2 ...

 Yesterday my blood pressure was 140/104 I am on tablets for raise cholesterol,should I be concerned {female 57

 My right ankle swells with fluid daily. What does this mean?
A year ago I was diagnosed with ectopic heart beats which has worsened. I exercise daily to control the heart issue, however my heart rate will get up to 185 bpm quite quickly. The only time my ...

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 What hormonal influence can speed up the heart rate?
Now I am getting lost. Please help!...

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starting with the superior vena ...

 Have you broken anyones heart before and did anyone fix it?

 what foods should i eat to lower my cholesterol?
i havent got a clue what to eat? i no im eating all the wrong type of foods! and when i had the test for cholesterol i had a thyroid test and im now on meds for a low thyroid!
my mum has just ...

 Okay, 3rd times the charm. Can anybody really not answer this? Heart issues. Serious or normal?
This will be the 3rd time i've had to repost this. I'm rather shocked to know that not one person can answer this.
Here we go again.

It's been like this for ...

 what is an ECG?
my doctor has told me i need an ECG. im really worried....

 high blood pressure?
I am 31. Male. 5'11. 165 lbs. i have been to the dr a couple of times in the past 2 months for being sick (the flu). Both times they took my blood pressure and said that it was quite ...

 my blood pressure is 210/105?
i am taking norvasc 5...

 What can be done ..I pass out from A fib I take baby aspirin & channel blocker prescribed by my doctor?

 my blood pressure reads 150/80 should i be concerned?

 How can I raise my low blood pressure?
I need some ideas, I've had super low blood pressure for about 4 years and I can never get it very high!...

 is asprin safe to take with low blood pressure?

 My heart beats really fast all the time?
When I take my resting pulse rate it's about 95 beats per minute, and after exercise it's 110 beats per minute. I don't drink much caffeine/...

my blood pressure is 100/60 is it ok?
I just had a health check yesterday and my blood pressure was 100/60. I'm a 15 yr old girl, I weigh 47 kg and my height is 158. hope that helps (:

i dont think thats normal i think the average is like 80-90 beats per min

check it out on the internet tpye in online health or something

that ok for a boy, are you sure your a girl and not telling us

gangadharan nair
Most normal blood pressures fall in the range of 90/60 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) to 130/80 mm Hg. But a significant drop, even as little as 20 mm Hg, can cause problems for some people.

That's a great blood pressure.

Chris H
For your age, considering you height and weight, yeh thats fine. Dont worry about the norm being 120/80. Thats just an average of the population, and there is always variation.

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