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 If a person loses the vision in one eye for 2 hrs and it returned is it a stroke?
My dad coughed really hard and when he opened his eyes, all was black in the left eye except a small crescent. It gradually came back after about 2 hrs. What could this be? Please answer ASAP. we are ...

 does vitamins causes skip heart beat?

 in which part of india highest number of heart disease?

 What is a good medicine to fight whit high blood pressure?
I have Lupus Nephritis and High Blood Pressure....

 How can I write an e-mail to a doctor?
I am trying to write a letter in concerns with a patient, I do not have an e-mail address for this doctor and it is very hard to contact them through the phone, it is "some what" of an ...

 Is coca-cola more likely to cause low blood pressure or high blood pressure?

 i have a question for people with heart Arrhythmia?
i was diagnosed with it last week and was wondering when you have a "episode" do you feel really weird bad lightheaded and tired its really annoying! i was wondering dose anyone else feel ...

 my heart is beating really fast like i have two.. it beats and beats again right after.. whats going on?

 If a doctor suddenly had a heart attack while doing surgery, would the other...?
If a doctor suddenly had a heart attack while doing surgery, would the other doctors work on the doctor or the patient?...

 Why doesn't rib notching caused by coarctation of aorta affect 1st and 2nd intercostal arteries?
Is this right what I am saying:

Highest two posterior intercostal arteries receive their supply from highest intercostal artery off thyrocervical trunk off subclavian artery.


 Irregular heartbeat, do i get it checked?
Well basically, i'm 16 years old and
For as long as i can remember i've had an irregular heartbeat and it hasnt bothered me,
a couple of times before people have commented on it ...

 ectopic heart beats and excercise!!?
hey due to having pvcs for no reason 2 years ago i stopped going to the gym, and i have had my heart checked and these beats are benign, i have just started back at the gym doing cardio for about an ...

 My blood pressure: Normally I am 130 over 85, I'm fit & active. The last few days I am 150 over 110?
I'm 55 actively fit
My pulse is usually around 66
Last few days just over 50.
Can you say why ??...

 Can Statins start to cause painful side effects after taking them for a few years?
My other half, has been taking statins for a few years now, but after reading a magazine article in reference to statins and co q 10 i came on here to investigate further, and to my horror discovered ...

 Why my heart beats intermittantly fast at 160?

 unstable blood pressure?
my blood pressure is very high when standing 170s over 130s, but when laying or sitting its only 150s over 90s i have a very bad headache and my eyes feel full of pressure like i am tired and when i ...

 hi i m rajesh my dad is 64 years old now he is no doubt looking fit but still leading an isolated also social?
an isolated but social too.he wants perfection in every sphere of life that is why always debating over different issues.2 years back he felt a sort of frequent pain in his head we did x-ray and c.t ...

 Teens and young adults answer only or young at heart?
Answer these questitons.

Do you or did you eat dinner with your family?

Was it your decision?

Did you get grounded or punished

Did you do chores?


 Help me:( i think im gonna die!!?
last week i had a Doc appointment and today i got a phone call and the doc told me i had High Cholesterol! What can Happen to? What causes it? What can i do to lower it? Tell me the facts! Im scared ...

 how can I increase my energy levels and feel more alert?

gigglez XD
is a standing blood pressure of 95/45 dangerously low?

Mary Boo
For example, if a person's systolic pressure is 120 and diastolic pressure is 80, it is written as 120/80 mm Hg. The American Heart Association has long considred blood pressure less than 140 over 90 normal for adults. However, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in Bethesda, Maryland released new clinical guidelines for blood pressure in 2003, lowering the standard normal readings. A normal reading was lowered to less than 120 over less than 80.

Jan Bushrod
about it you can get information from here http://webmd21.notlong.com/AAHyDqg

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