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 My heart stopped beating for 1-2 seconds.?
Okay, I'm overweight, have high blood pressure, smoke and drink. For the past few months I occassionally have this strange feeling in my throat. Almost like my heart is fluttering. It usually ...

 Are my pains serious? Is this a heart problem?
Okay, so I'm only 14 years old, but at random times I get terrible pains in my chest. It feels like someone is squeezing my heart, or that my entire ribcage is contracting. Just recently I ...

 Just in for a checkup..what's your blood pressure and heart rate?
Mine is 115/70 and 60...Don't know if that's good or not? You know doctors' always kind of evasive....

 What is the maximum safe heart rate?
I'm 20, male, 130 lbs. I listened to my heart through a stethoscope during orgasm, and it was at least 4 beats per second, possibly 5, which would equate to 240-300 bpm, well over the quoted &...

 Should I start taking an 81 mg Aspirin Daily? ?
Should I start on the "baby aspirin regimen"? I am healthy and exercise daily and don't smoke. I drink two shots of scotch a week (that reminds me, I'm over due) and I'm 69 ...

 Worried sick about heart attack.?
I'm 6'5", 230lbs. I've had two EKGs, blood work and x-rays in the past month. All of which came back normal. Right now as I type I'm trying to keep myself from panicking. My ...

 High heart rate my heart rate is really high ccccccccccccccccccccccccccCyguffyxfuffhxtccyyyccggcccccccccccccc?
Ok my heart rate is 138 per minute when I'm sitting down relaxing and it's 190 when I work out I'm 16 how bad is ...

 Do you think I should go to a doctor/hospital?
Lately for the last few days or so, I've been having a strong shortness of breath, like I can't get a good, deep breath in. And also I was having pains around my heart earlier, like sharp ...

 What is a sure sign that you have a heart issue.I dont seem to have any symptoms exactly,heart doesnt sound?
When i can hear my heart in my ears it doesn't sound the way it should to me .Im not a doctor thats pretty obvious but when i lay on my left side it sounds sometimes like the beat isnt just ...

 Can years of intense aerobic exercises over work and weakened a heart muscle instead of improving it's conditi
I was born with a heart murmur but recently diagnosed with CHF. I am a 42 year old wife and mother of 3 teenagers. I was a fitness professional (for the past17yrs) who taught very progressive ...

 How do you lower your heartbeat...?
My resting heartbeat is 114. i am 16 years old 5'8 and weigh 138. I am pretty sure my heartbeat is really high and I do NOT do drugs. So i am asking you guys what are good some good things to do ...

 what should you do if you take ecstasy and heart is beating fast and wont slow down?

 Should i be worried (see details)?
Im a 14 year old boy and i will admit im kind of a worrier. Today i had this random shot of pain (not excruciating) every now an then on the left side of my chest. Also my heartbeat seems to be going ...

 My friend has had a triple heart bypass is he ok to smoke cannabis without major risk?
He had the operation a few years ago, we would like to know how safe it is for him to smoke cannabis....

 My great grandma is 91 and has congestive heart failure. is she going to die?

 HOW CAN i lower my blood pressure? i have 120 over 60 according to my home bloodpressuretest?

 Sharp pain in my heart?
I know that Y!A is not a reliable source for medical attention, but I am wondering if anyone else experiences this? I experience heart arithmia (sp?) a couple times a month but always related it to ...

 True or False, can a needle go into your heart?
i were told that if you step on one, it will go through your blood stream and enter your heart....

 what are some ways to lower one's heart rate?
My heart rate is high and I am looking for a variety
of methods to lower it long term other than drugs.
Also, even temporary methods, such as perhaps

 Slow heart rate when first waking up a cause for concern?
I'm not an athlete or anything so this just doesn't seem normal. For awhile after I wake up, my heart rate is only around 50 to 55 or so. As I start getting out of bed and moving, it comes ...

is a blood pressure reading of 104/70 too low?
I had nausea and dizziness when I woke up this morning and was wondering if this might be the problem since I had no other symptoms

Kim W
well probobly not if your a skinny teen girl. My daughter had similar b/p. Sounds like the flu. Get up slower. Make sure you eat your iron, eggs beef etc

don c
It is not too low but... if this is a single reading then drawing conclusions is difficult. If at all possible get several readings over a period of days. Blood pressure can change rapidly.. even the act of having your blood pressure taken can cause a change in blood pressure. If you are really concerned about your blood pressure: get an inexpensive (around $25 at many stores) pressure meter that measures from your wrist. Many pharmacies and some stores with pharmacies have free blood pressure stations..
Good luck. If symptoms persist see a dr or go to a clinic. most state health departments will check the pressure for you. Age, weight and other physical conditions can affect pressure. Good luck.

No its alright, don't worry about it.

Try to get your diet sorted, talk to your local doctor, but thats actually quite a healthy blood pressure.

Your fine.

No, that isn't too low. Mine ran 90/56 at the doctor and he wasn't overly concerned... so you're fine. It is more likely your blood SUGAR and not your blood pressure.

The highest your resting blood pressure should be is 140/90 and then you'd have to try to lower it. Th lowest it should be is 90/60 but sometimes people can go lower naturally and not have any bad effects. Mine is often 80/50 and sometimes I will feel dizzy and need to have salt and a fizzy drink. It's not dangerous in itself but the risk of falls can be, of course. Yours is fine. You may have a bug coming or a type of migraine - they don't always have headaches with them.

no as long as the systolic is above 100 ur fine x

That is a good pressure.

Donald Duck
Yes, it is low, not too low but it is low.
And the difrence between the two is not good.

no. that,s a good pressure.


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