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i have high blood pressure 140 over 98 is Norvasc a good medication to take to treat high bp?
and does bp pills really make you worse and destroy your liver?

Diet changes, lifestyle changes, walking, more fruits and veggies, more water, more life should fix that blood pressure up. Norvasc is a nasty calcium channel blocker. It works instantly but you don't want to be taking that medication for long. It has really crappy side effects, and many people complain. I wouldn't treat your blood pressure with 140/98, id try some diet and lifestyle changes, maybe do a full blood test, check out your kidneys and heart with a ultrasound, talk to your doctor about that, and try the natural way first.

Keep in mind these things are DRUGS, DRUGS mate. Drugs don't cure the condition, only manage it.. badly... Example: They may effect your body in strange ways, you may get gastro intestinal bleeding from taking norvasc or bradycardia while taking it... if you suddenly stop taking it... your body will freak out, so its a gentle gradual come off process. I highly don't recommend you taking drugs unless there is absolutely no other way.

God bless!

People think that blood pressure medications are a good thing - actually, they're not.

Blood pressure medication does about as much good as pinching the hole closed on a waterbed mattress, expecting it to somehow fix itself.

Blood pressure medications are a temporary fix that artificially maintain the blood pressure within a predetermined variable - the safe zone. Doctors prescribe medication because they don't understand what causes high blood pressure (or they don't want YOU to understand what causes high blood pressure). If you understood what causes high blood pressure, you wouldn't need the medication.

Welcome to Blood Pressure 101.

Water and salt are two of the three most important substances in the body that support life. They make up an average of 75% of the tissues. People generally don't care for the taste of plain water, so they opt for beverages that contain sugar, caffeine and other additives. The trouble is, these drinks are diuretics - they pull out as much as 50% more water than they contain. This is one thing that doctors don't seem to understand when they push their "drink plenty of fluids" campaign. The body functions on water, not Pepsi, not Folgers coffee and not Red Bull.

When there isn't enough water in the body, or the body becomes dehydrated, 66% of the water loss is from the interior of the cells. 26% is from the environment around the cells, and only 8% is lost from the vascular system. But the vascular system is an elastic system -- it tightens up and takes up the slack so you don't see the problem that is going on inside the cells of your body by testing your blood that is being tested in so many conditions. If people drank water on a regular basis and took enough salt and minerals to expand the capillary beds, high blood pressure would disappear completely.

And there are 60 million Americans who don't realize that actually high blood pressure is one of the manifestations of drought management programs of the body when the body begins to operate a reverse osmosis process, to deliver water into the interior of those cells which are 66% water deficient.

Follow the link below to learn how to properly increase your water and salt intake.

NOTE: Do not stop taking any medication unless directed to do so by your doctor.

If diet and exercise do not bring your blood pressure into a normal range then medication may be necessary. Norvasc (amlodipine) is not a first line medication for hypertension. There are other medications of different classes that are usually prescribed first. If these don't work then Norvasc may be added.
Your doctor will take into account different things in determining what medication to start. Not all medications affect the liver.

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