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 Teenage Girl with Short Sharp Chest Pains?
I have gotten a few in the past, but i've about 5 this week, they're on the right upper part of my chest, I also may have an arrytyhmia... What could be causing them? They only last for ...

 My son's EKG came back abnormal , Unusual P axis, possible ectopic atrial rhythm, right axis deviation?
it also showed a nonspecific ST segment abnormality, He is 4 years old and has a history of SVT, should I be worried?...

 Can you throw up blood from stress?
My situation is this: I live in a house of 5 people. The owner of the house's girlfriend and him have been dating for two months and she moves so fast on him. And he jumps when she says jump. So ...

 Diagnosis: 'Palpitation for Mx'?
what does that mean?...

 Recommended doctors in the Columbia, MD area?
I'm looking for a PCP in the Ft. Meade area for myself, 28 yr. old female. Got any suggestions? I'm interested in more holistic type care....

 should I go to the hospital if ive had a tight feeling in my chest for over a week?
also I started getting a sore throat and spitting up nasty green phlegm since sunday.... I thought it was my anxiety but now im getting kind of worried......

 240mg daily nifedipine?
My dad's been put on 240mg of nifedipine dose (take 2 tablets twice daily, the label says), along with 4 other medications. His blood pressure shoots up to 250/95 with heart rate ranging from 40-...

 absolute signs of an impending heart attack?
I want the absolute signs of an impending heart attack in women. Also want to know the absolute signs of impending death....

 what is a randomized crossover intervention (study)?

 When I drink alcohol my heart starts pounding really heavily for about 5 minutes?
I drink mainly malibu-sprite and vodka-sprite, and often after one or two, my heart will race and pound against my chest for a few minutes and it gets a little difficult to breathe, then it subsides. ...

 What is difference between fat and cholesterol?
the common thing is that they both cause heart attack/stroke right.. how do they differ? aside from cooked fats of animals any other stuff to avoid? ...

 A patient with a heart pacemaker received antibiotic therapy for streptococcal bacteremia....?
A patient with a heart pacemaker received antibiotic therapy for streptococcal bacteremia (bacteria in the blood). One month later, he was treated for recurrence of the bacteremia. When he returned 6 ...

 Is there any risk to use small handheld transceivers (walky talky) to people who have pace maker?
I think that these small radio transmitter can be useful to me when I walk in the mountains and get some hundreds meters from my friend. But I have a pace maker and I don't know if some thing ...

 What is the exact Blood Pressure for kids?

 Interview??? Heart problems?
1. What is your problem called 2. what are the disadvantages of that problem 3. What are some medications given from the doctor 4.What are the effects??...

 how come my heart beat fast eventhough im not doing anything?
like when i just sit and watch tv or just hanging with my friends my heart always beat fast not like racing fast but faster than normal ...

 i eat a fruit and it had a worm?
i eat one of my aunts nectar from her tree and it had a tiny white worm. Is it a parasite, Will i get sick? i threw up the nectar cause i got disgused....

 rheumatic heart disease?
what are the precautions to be considered when doing root canal for a patient who gives a history of rheumatic heart fever?...

 Is It safe to exercise after a blood pressure reading of 188/132?
I have since been put on Dynacirc 5mg twice a day and a water and potassium pill. My blood pressure has went down considerably. Should I exercise a little today or wait until tomorrow?...

 What song has "I think im drowning, cause my heart keeps pounding"?
then the chorus goes like whey you hereee why could never be, of your belief doon't hate meee because I disagreeee." Im not sure if they are correct but it's sort of like a rock/ rap ...

how can I raise my blood pressure?
I am a 56 years old male, weighing 150 pounds. I am often dizzy when I wake up in the mornings, and sometimes when I stand or walk. When I get sick even a cold my pressure drops to 85/40

tod m
eat regular.

stress more, and have lots of junk food with salt, :))

Tcm Discovery
Normal blood pressure measurements are 90/60 mm Hg to 130/80 mm Hg .Sometimes a minute change like 20 mm Hg, can cause low blood pressure symptoms for some people. People who are diagnosed with low blood pressure are advised not to consume alcohol and should avoid going out in the sun. Before taking any medications for low blood pressure, it is very essential to consult the doctor to know how to raise blood pressure. hope this works for you .Good luck!

Linda Flower
low blood pressure often possesses the signs of malaise, faint, easy tired, sweat and palpitation. food rich in protein, iron, copper, folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin C are helpful for you. balanced diet is nutritious.

Unfortunately Low blood pressure is not given the same significance as High BP but it is equally dangerous and may cause syncopal attacks, as you seem to be having. Increase your salt content in the diet. Avoid sudden changes in posture. When you have to get up, first sit up and then stand taking 5 minutes to avoid sudden fall in BP. If these measures fail you can take a tablet of Fludrocortisone every day. Also get investigated to exclude Addison's disease: Plasma Cortisol and Serum Sodium and Potassium levels.

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