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heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat?
I fortunately haven't experienced any chest pain lately. Every now and then I get heart palpitations and when I put my hand to my chest I can feel my heart beat isn't steady. I was wondering if this was normal?

22 year old male, if it matters

I`m 21 now but when I was 18 I found out I have arthymia which is an irregular heat beat some people heart beats slows down well my heart beat goes faster then it suppose too. I start to sweat, cant really breath, ect. Its really scary.. for me it would happen while I was working, driving, even while at home relaxing. My doctor told me 1 out of 200 people have this, its something that some people are born with, premature babies are at higher riskd as well. I would go to a doctor and see what they say.

tim g
eat less red meat, cheese and eggs.

If you have any pains in the shoulder or around the heart area, or heart beat rushes known as palpitations which can cause shortness of breath and a rush to the head see a doctor.

Irregular palpitations can also be linked to anxiety and smoking.

luca palpitations can occur due to stress and there are some disease conditions too where this occurs. just consult a doc at the earliest to see all is fine with u.

Well, an irregular heart beat can be the cause of palpitations so it is probably normal. And irregular heartbeat is called arrhythmia. They can be normal. Some are harmless but some could be a sign of a serious condition so I guess you should check it out. I used to have an irregular heartbeat a few years ago, and it would always cause me palpitations. They kind of come along with the irregular heartbeat.

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