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 Why would a healthy, 18 year old male have multiple heart attacks?
Other than from drug use.

What kind of heart problem/disease causes this?...

 what is a Right Bundle Branch Block (RBBB). It was read from an ECG test. What are its risks?

 could i be inhaling wrong?
i've tried smoking pot three times, with a friend, and all three times we didn't get high we just got tired.what are we doing wrong? could it be the way we're inhaling?...

 High Resting Heart Rate?
I'm 19 yrs old and I am 5'5 and my weight is 135. However, my resting heart rate is 100. Should I be worried that I have some kind of heart-related problem or other health issues?...

 What is Circ Arrest..Help!?
Hi. I'm sure I really don't want to know the answer to this question but I need to know anyway. My husband is 29 and is going in on Sept 7 to have an aortic valve replacement. Up until a ...

 How to decrease cholesterol?
Doctor says that increasing of cholesterol is not good for our health. What it means, how it can be done and what are the advantage and disadvantage of such things. I completely could not understand ...

 Can blood tests check for magnesium deficiency?

 Why do heart transplant patients generally have a short lifespan?
I'm sure there's a good reason, but it just confuses me. I mean, a heart is a heart, isn't it? Why would it matter if it was the original or not?...

 Having Rapid heart rate!?
I'm 20 and I take blood pressure meds (Atonolol) and thyroid meds(Levthyroxine)...But here lately i've been getting rapid heart rate and it last for awhile should I be concerned about this?...

 is my blood pressure too low?
my blood pressure is 108/60. i am a thirteen year old girl. I get dizzy often and i think its from the low blood pressure. is it too low?...

 Why Cardiac rhythm and Pulse Pressure get lower as the person gets older?
Sorry my english is not that good :)...

 Is there a difference between blood pressure pills for high blood pressure and hypertension?
I ask this because I have a friend with hypertension who's interested in taking prescription pills to treat his high blood pressure. Only problem is he's been diagnose with high blood ...

 is there a support group for people who have had heart attacks?
heart attack in early 20...

 after nine months i still have the feeling in my arms like a charlie horse and weird?
feelings after the heart surgery does any one know how long that last....

 why does blood flow increase and decrease during ventricular septal defect?

 is heavy bass music bad for your heart?
my friend told me that listening to the heavy bass music (the kind that makes your whole body shake) is bad for your heart
i cant find anything about that so i don't think its true
is ...

 how long for arteries?
would it take for arteries to clog up if you ate mcdonalds every other day for a yr and a half?...

 Whats wrong with my heart?
Okay Im a teen. Im 14. Pretty healthy. ive been having heart pain for a while. It goes and comes back. Feels kind of like someones stabbing me or pinching me. Ive told the doctor and she said its ...

 what is the medical term for "from the mother"?
i really need answer right ...

 Tv jumps with my heart?
Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble watching tv recently, it seems to jump up and down. I asked my other half but they couldn't see a thing. Then I noticed that it's in rhythm with my ...

find out why people are declared dead when the brain stops functioning even whenthe heart is still beating?

The brain is the centre hub for all control to the body. You can replace many organs, if your heart is ill, you can get a transplant, but you can't transplant a brain, you only ever get one of those. So, in essence, the person is dead, regardless if the other parts of the body are still active.

Count Chocula
Because at that point, even if the heart is beating, they will not be able to live ever again. If you didn't know, your brain is what controls everything in your body. With it dead, you are basically just a plant or a rock.

Because most people and families believe that when there is NO REASONABLE EXPECTATION of awakening or any form of recovery that resources to continue nutrition, mechanical ventilation (breathing machines) or other medications can be diminished or even withheld. Even if the patient does continue to be supported via extraordinary means, they will ultimately succumb to fatal pneumonia because they cannot clear their throats or sigh or breath deeply enough to prevent pneumonia. Sometimes, the removal of the machines which keeps the heart going is indeed the kindest path. Best wishes.

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