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 heart pain?
im 17 and i dont know whats wrong but im having trouble breathing this has been going on for like about 4 years but i think that its getting worse i mean my hearts beating all the time really fast ...

 Heart murmurs?
Hi, my daughter was born with a heart murmur and the 1st pediatrician who ever saw her said it was fine and that she'd probably grow out of it.Well for a while i thought she had already grown ...

 third time to get tingling sensation in my arm and gripping headache
is there some thing wrong with my liver or is it anxiety and panic ...

 Should I be concerned about my hypertension enough to consider medication yet?
I'm 48, an African-American female, and currently about 50 lbs. overweight due to many factors. I'm on disability already for PTSD and chronic fatigue syndrome, so take a lot of meds, and ...

 14 year old girl with high blood pressure??!?
okay so i went to get a physical a couple days ago and the doctor was checking my blood pressure and said it was a little high, he said it wasnt a bad thing, it was just high, maybe he was surprised ...

 My Dad has heart problems and his feet are swollen...?
My dad has a really bad heart and literally takes over 10 medicines just to keep him alive. His feet are swollen now and he's saying it's because of his heart and that he might not live too ...

 I turned 21 yesterday and had my first drink. Is it bad for my heart to beat fast from it?
I turned 21 yesterday and had my first alcoholic drink (Malibu with pineapple juice). After it, my heart was beating loudly and fast. My friend told me that is normal (didn't find it too ...

 when i talk with girls my heart beat gets fast i become red,this makes me under estimate?
i have no girlfriend and my every friend has their girl friend i think im not smart im in complexity. i think im not rich. im in university im also weak in studies then i think y would a girl will ...

 My heart beats extremely fast in the morning. why?
From 10 Am to 3PM my heart is really fast at least 100 and 120 when I walk. But then reduces around 3PM and at 5PM I am calm and at 65/mn. What should I do? Thanks....

 i have what they call white coat syndrome when it comes to blood pressure, how can i fix it when i get nervous?

 seth rogen just died of a heart attack!!?

 what is a stent used for heart?
as uaed in heart ...

 what is the norm for blood pressure and pulse?

 Taking lisinopril: changing the time of day I take it?
I have been taking 10mg of lisinopril around dinner time everyday, usually around 8 P.M. I want to start taking it in the morning so I can not have to worry about remembering to take it later. My ...

 What do you think of my Blood Pressure?
I am 18 years old and I am a typical High school student getting ready for college. I have lots of stress at school, just as any academic student would. I am a very high spirited student who has a ...

 Im having heart flutters can anyone help?
Im having heart flutters which don't hurt but feel strange im quite worried can anyone help P.S i dont know if this is relevent but something scary has recently ...

 How long does it take blood pressure med start working?

 when i run and get my heart rate up i taste blood?
i spit alot and all i can taste is blood but i dont spit blood... then it is really hard to breath, i am 6'2 and weigh a 170 pounds i am not fat and thought i was in shape... i felt like i was ...

 what does it mean if your blood pressure is high?

 Is this bad or not?????
Had tests on heart, holter monitor, and numerous ecgs, say I'm normal I have bad anxiety all the time, I need therapy for it. Earlier I was sitting there and felt a pull like by my heart ...

can one person have a defibrillator and a pacemaker at the same time?

Sure my ICD paces my heart if it goes too slow and shocks the heart if it goes too fast.

yes they are the same device but just with 2 different leads coming out of it

they are kinda the same but do differant things guessing i would say they would give only one that does both

Yes you can

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