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 what is a murmur? does it go away by itself?

 is high protein in blood the same as high potassium level?
is highprotein in blood also high ...

 I have a weak heart and reduced blood flow in the front of heart? What could cause that?
I was having chest pain and went to my regular doctor and he did a EKG and it came back abnormal. He sent me to a cardiologist and he did a echo and a nuclear stress test and the echo showed that ...

 in what ways other than taking medicine, can a person increase his HDL and lower his LDL?
Please quote many examples, thank you!...

 is it true that your brain can function for 7 minutes if your heart is removed? or something like that?

 All doctors say I'm perfectly normal!?
Ok, I'm 14 years old, and for about a year or 2 I've felt awful! In 8th grade I would excessively sweat and I was very dizzy all the time, but not at home, all that happened only at school. ...

 30 year old mother with cholesterol number of 270?
I recently turned 30 and am a mother of 3 children. I was super tiny skinny most of my life until 4 years ago when i gained about 45-50lbs. My future husband has 2 boys from a prior marriage, and we ...

 High blood pressure tobacco question?
now i know that all forms of tobacco are unheathy. However, i have heard many times that one of the biggest threats of cigarettes is that it caused heart problems caused by the smoke. Is this an ...

 High blood pressure confusion?
I went to get a screening, and my blood pressure was 160/111, and pulse rate was 111.. I checked it at walmart, cvs etc, and my blood pressure was 137/94 pulse rate 111.. Again not so different.. L...

 Why don't doctors warn that "cold air hurts my lungs" may be a symptom of coronary disease?
The symptom "breathing cold air hurts my lungs" can be related to narrowed coronary arteries. Installation of two coronary stents has solved my problem after years of suffering. Scarves ...

 Can you be healthy and a smoker?
My friend's partner is always smoking. Everytime I see him he is puffing on a smoke even first thing in the morning (yuck!) and has another cigarette tucked behind his ear. The fact that he is ...

 Is my blood pressure of 115/82 pulse rate 95 normal for a 23 year old pregnant female?
I keep getting the readings like this often, pulse rate between 70 to 100...

 how to prevent a strees?

 Heart palpitations and being lightheaded. help!?
I get really fast and hard heart palpitations at random moments and every time i stand up my vision goes almost black and i get really dizzy. whats wrong?...

 What is the advantage of having a 4 chamber heart over a 3 chamber heart?

 my blood pressure is 112 over 68 but my heart beat is 128 . I was only sitting brushing dog. what is wrong?
I was sitting on the floor brushing my dogs hair... I get funny feeling and check bp. it was 112 over 68 but pulse rate was 128. I can not go in the heat for long ... 5 minutes and I have to hurry to ...

 140/60 blood pressure in 17 year old?
I just gave blood today and they took my blood pressure and it was 140/60 which is pretty high especially for a 17 year old. I'm really tall for a girl (5'9") and pretty skinny, a bit ...

 Opinions on my heart?
Im 17/male and have been having heart and breathing problems for the past 4 months, it started with a very strong stomach flu which caused my heart to beat at 120bpm for 2 weeks, i didnt have a heart ...

 About 2 weeks ago my Blood Pressure was 162/104, it has fell to 152/73,how can I lower TOP NUMBER?
DR put me on Lasix, Micardis and low salt/fat diet....yet my Top Number remains higher!!!

HELP PLEASE,,,,I'm trying hard I've dropped about 9 lbs down from 350 to 341

 what does dilated mean?

Will Camel Snus affect my heart in any way?
My friend just had a Defibrillator put in his heart yesterday, and he uses Camel Snus instead of smoking cigarettes and we just wanna know if it'll affect his heart in any way?? I've been asking everyone and googling it but I haven't found an answer. pweeze help us!!

Ted Sheckler
Tobacco is bad for you health in any form.

Nicotine directly effects your blood pressure and circulation, it has a negative effect on your circulatory system.

It certainly will but to lesser degree that real one. Read the following reports:

# A recent study by researchers at University of Minnesotta found that Camel snus had levels of carcinogenic tobacco-specific nitrosamines that were much lower than for traditional smokeless products (I.e less than 2 micrograms per gram for Camel Snus, versus 8 for Copenhagen and 12 for Kodiak). Levels of other carcinogens were also lower in Camel and other snus products than other tradional smokeless products.

For example, while the new snus products had levels of benzo(a)pyrene of around 3 micrograms/gram, tradional smokeless tobacco products all had levels above 30, and Kodiak Wintergreen had a level of 57.

# Researchers at West Virginia University recently tested Camel Snus and found at least two carcinogens. "It's not like chewing gum. This product is not a safe alternative to cigarettes," said Robert Anderson, deputy director of West Virginia University's Prevention Research Center.

yes it will. dude dont be retarded and waste your life. it could kill u

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