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 Will lowering my cholesterol actually reduce the plaque?
I have High cholesterol and I was wondering if lowering my cholesterol will actually reduce the plaque that has built up in my arteries?...

 Is it true that alcohol, may reduce the risk of heart and circulation problems and help avoid gallstones?

 Can someone answer this please? heart issue..?
how can i get my mind off my heart.. I worry although i have been told that no one seems to think i have a heart issue..I lost 40 pounds and the doctors say great. my blood pressure is fine but the ...

 If someone's having surgery, is it ok to call to check up or wait until they're recovering maybe a week later?
It's for a heart surgery, I've known the person as a friend for about a year....

 whats wrong with my heart?
it feels like its beating wrong. it feels like it jumps, skips a beat or beats hard.i dont know how to explain it, but its not normal.. it has been doing this threw out the whole day..but it seems ...

 what does it mean when your dr says that you have a low heart rate and a low blood pressure? it that bad?

 How to lose weight and lower blood pressure?
I need to lose about roughly 80lbs. I am overweight and have hbp. Its all about my health right now and I am still young. Doctor said that it will be easy for me since i am young and everything else ...

 Why do I freak out when I hear heartbeats?
Okay. I have mitral valve proplapse. Not sure it has to do with anything....but why does the sound of a heartbeat just.... freak me out. I can't listen to it...I really get freaked out and wig ...

 what is the youngest age to have a heart attack you've ever heard of?

 How fast does the heart beat before/during an heart attack?

 The second a heart attack occurs how long does it take to die?

 what does the right heart do?

 Can running damage my heart?
My wife told me, that running can damage my heart. Is this true?

I run double marathons every saturday. My heart rate in the morning is 30-35 bpm....

 Heart attack pain down arm?
Where is the pain? On top of the arm or on the bottom of the arm?...

 how long are you suppose to be on Plavix after stents are placed?
i've had 4 stents since 2007 will plavix hurt me if i continue taking ...

 What about blood clots in your legs?
What is the maneuver that they perform to test whether or not a person might be at risk for developingi a blood clot in their ...

 My father is dieing how do i deal with the stress?
He is 40 years old and has been an alcoholic for more then 25 he does cocaine and has been to jail more than 98 times. (please be respectful i am not wanting rude answers i just need help thank you)...

 do energy drinks give you a heart attack?
i asked my teacher at school if energy drinks give you a heart attack and she says she doesn't know. i heard its not good for teens, is that true?...

 what do you do when you have a heart attack, have no insurance and no money?

 Beta blockers and heart palpitations?
I get benign heart palpitations and fluttering of the heart and today i was given Labetalol (Trandate) beta blockers for this as i am pregnant and the doctor from the hospital said these were safe to ...

Why would clogged arteries be a health risk?

AK winz
There not forget these Westerners and there foolish medicine. Put your trust in god and only he will decide who lives and who dies. Praise be to allah!!!!

just shoot me now

Clogged arteries can prevent blood from circulating in the brain or heart. You can then get heart attack or stroke, which may kill or paralyse you.

Increased blood pressure, your body has to work harder to get the blood to the different parts of the body. And of course if those arteries can't take it and they burst, heart attack. Still the number one killer in the world

Because it cuts off the circulation. If you lose circulation to the brain or heart it can kill you. If you lose circulation to an arm or leg you could lose it.

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