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Additional Info: He is ...

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 pulse rate of 95 beats/minute when doing nothing just sitting. Is it normal?
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 my mom has had tests for the vt heart condition can she fly abroad?
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 is this condition normal? pls pls tell me what shall I do?
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Why won't my blood pressure go down?
I recently check my blood pressure and came up with 183/121. So for the week of have took breads and soda and sugar out of my diet and hopes of lowering my blood pressure. Check it today and it 195/121 about the same as i started. Is this exercise and new diet all of not? How do I get my blood pressure down? Just so you now, a Doctor out of the question. I can't afford a proscription or visit.

Take it easy - it's a simple fix.

You aren't drinking enough water. Doctors say "drink plenty of fluids" but they're as wrong as when they say to cut back on salt.

Water is a "fluid", to be sure. But so are all the other "alternatives" such as soft drinks, tea, coffee, energy drinks, alcohol, etc. But these don't supply you with the water you need. They act like a diuretic and pull as much as 50% more water out of you than they put in. Add to this the water loss from respiration and kidney function and we're talking about a lot of water coming out, but very little going in. The body can take just so much stress before it turns on you.

Your body's cells depend on water and salt to deliver the proper nutrients to them, and when you don't drink enough water, they can't function properly. So, in an effort to redirect water to the cells, the body needs to borrow water from other internal sources. The blood is an optimal choice, since it's made up of 94% water.

Borrowing the water from the blood causes the arteries to constrict, due to the loss of pressure (some water was taken out). This causes the blood to thicken (again, because water was taken out). Now the heart has to exert more pressure to pump the blood - this is when your blood pressure readings go up.

Doctors, in their infinite wisdom, usually advise their patients to cut back on salt at this point. But salt isn't the bad guy here. There's no "excess" salt, there just isn't enough water to keep the water/salt ratio at a normal level. Cutting back on salt may even out this ratio, but the total water (and salt) level will still be low, and that means you're still dehydrated and the problem will continue.

Next, because cutting back on the salt doesn't alleviate the high blood pressure, the doctor will put you on medication (blood thinners). So now, instead of fat blood, you have thin blood - but it still has the same amount of water - not enough!

The doctor won't tell you to increase your water intake. It's either because he knows that it will improve your condition and keep you off of medication, or because he doesn't have the faintest idea on what dehydration is all about and how the lack of water can have such a devastating effect on the body - in other words, he was asleep when they taught medicine in medical school.

No matter what health problem you might have, you need to take the bull by the horns and take control of your own health. When people put their trust in the medical community, they end up losing most of the time.

Click on the link below to learn the protocol for correcting your problem.

High blood pressure is not so easy to treat. Especially if it's as high as yours. I still think you should see a doctor to figure out what is causing your high blood pressure. It may not be as simple as you think. It may be caused by kidney disease or a tumor in your adrenal glands, for example. These are not things you want to neglect.

If you can't afford a prescription or visit, try going to the ER.

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