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 Cholesterol check?
I need to get my cholesterol checked. Any place I can get it done cheap ?

In Cincinnati / Northern K...

 On a regular checkup, white blood count was 3.1L, (low) I am a healthy 74 year old male?
How serious is this?...

 Thinking of getting pregnant but i get palpitaions while pregnant, and i have mitral prolapse?
i have 2 kids and with each pregnancy i had palpitations. After the delivery for the first pregnancy, the palpitation would not stop after i gave birth in the hospital, the cardiologist called in ...

 Enlarged Heart in a 10 year old?
My son had an x-ray done about 3 weeks ago and found out he had pneumonia. They took another x-ray this past Tuesday to see if the pnemonia had cleared up all the way and then they told me that they ...

 Is cialis or viagra not compatible with atenolol medicine? What to do if you need to take cialis or viagra?
Is it true that cialis or viagra if taken during the period or together with atenolol or high blood medication is very dangerous. If cialis or viagra is to be taken then is it needed that atenolol ...

 I am considering having surgery for aortic arch anurisum. Has anyone had this done?
I was wondering how successful was the surgery and if you know how many times your doctor has performed this surgery in the past. I know that on the aortic arch it is a bit more tricky than other ...

 Why high blood pressure be relived by puncturing a blood vessel?

 is diltiazem hci 240 mg has to be yaken only once a day/?
can it be taken more then once a day if blood pressure is still high?...

 My husband has often had leg cramping, it is all the time now and it's other muscles that are cramping..?
also potassium has not helped and a full blood panel showed he was o.k. but obviously something is wrong.. Someone says it's sounds like an early onset of Parkinson's disease.
He has ...

 Hypertension - what is the lesser of two evils, something high in sugar or high in saturated fat?

 I wish to ask those who have CHF & severe edema.?
Are your symptoms just like mine? I have such buildup of water pressure within my hips down to feet. that my nerves are painful in those areas and walking is slow & painful in the extreme. I ...

what is the difference between hypertension and high ...

 Interpret 145/85/82.....in the circulatory system?
What does each number mean?...

 How do movies affect your heart rate?

 Quitting caffeine and cigarettes?
I was just diagnosed with an intermittant irregular heartbeat that sent me to the ER and the docs all told me to cut out the caffeine (3-5 coffee and 3-4 diet soda per day) and cigs (about 3 packs a ...

 The artery blood structure?

 Regards to pumping of the heart?
Theoretically, what would happen to the ability of pumping of the heart if the end systolic volume were equal to end diastolic volume?...

 Any information on heart attacks?
I have been having this giddiness feeling (shakiness) and chest pain for several days, especially when I take a deep breath. My heart felt like it took a "deep breath" and now I feel it ...

 What does it means Borderline abnormal in an ECG?
Age: 33
B.P. 110/90 mmHg
H.R. 88/min (0.679seg)
PR 0.152sec
QRS 0.102sec
Axis 58deg
QT/QTc 0.336sec/0.406
RV5 1.131mV
SV1 0.61mV


 Does anyone else have Mitral Valve Prolapse?
I've was diagnoised a year ago with MVP and it still hurts a lot, does anyone know of anything that could help with the pain?...

Why do I hear my heart beat in my head?
Why do I hear my heart beat in my head?
I can hear my heart beat in my head especially if I hold and plug my nose. Sometimes I slighty hear it when I am sitting quietly.
What causes this. I am on BP meds a beta blocker. Sometimes I feel my pulse in other places in my body.

Try to ignore it

Thats normal. When i get back from running alot i can hear it in my head too, so dont be scared. It happens to my friends too. And i can hear it in other places too.. but only when i run alot.

Berea P
it is not your heart beating but rather your blood pumping through your veins.

how's your blood pressure? Usually when it's high this happens

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