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What is the maximum safe heart rate?
I'm 20, male, 130 lbs. I listened to my heart through a stethoscope during orgasm, and it was at least 4 beats per second, possibly 5, which would equate to 240-300 bpm, well over the quoted "maximum HR" target for any exercise program. Is this safe?

Your probably not using it correctly. That high of a heart rate should have lead to passing out (syncope). 220-age is a rough indicator of the highest HR you should be able to achieve.

Dr Frank
Maximum heart rate is approximately 220-age in years,in your case this would of course be 200.

umm...slow down when you do the do, maybe the heart rate will lower then to a more normal rate of beating...:D

gangadharan nair
The resting pulse rate of a normal person is 60-100 beats per minute. Pulse rate exceeding 100 bpm is called tachycardia.
During exercise, the maximum pulse rate should be not more than 170 bpm i.e., 85% of (220-age) and the lowest is 130 bpm i.e., 65% of (220-age)
Consult a cardiologist.

your heart can't beat that fast

Rhianna does Medicine Year 1
"..I listened to my heart through a stethoscope during orgasm,..." WHY?

If you are 20 years old, your target HR Zone is 100-170bpm. This is 50-85% of your average maximum. Your average maximum (100%) is 200bpm.

You've probably taken your reading incorrectly.

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