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 Pulse rate?
What causes a pulse? What does a normal heart sounds like through a stethoscope? What effect does exercise have on your heart and pulse rate?

Please help! :)...

 what are some deadly heart conditions/ diseases?
you can just list them. all i need are names....

 Is it possible for someone to have a heart attack and a stroke at the same time?

 Tachycardia and Dizziness?
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 How many cups of coffe would it take to have your heart actually explode?
This is a hypothetical question, i realize, you would probably die before your heart explodes. This is on of thos "for fun what if" questions, so please dont take it to seriously.


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I am writing a story in which a major character has a heart attack, followed by surgery. How long after a heart attack would surgery be performed? Would the person be rushed into surgery? Would it be ...

 have med problems been told are long term, but my MD refuses to renew pres were on?
have issues with arthritis in top of spine, as well as muscle straining problem in back, & under one shoulder area; been told is long term, were on 3 meds that helped. MD refuses to renew, says ...

 What foods help lower cholesterol?
besides cheroos ...

 what would happen if a person without heart problems took nitro?
Ive been having bad bad chest pains in my heart and was wondering what would happen if say i didnt have a heart problem or something and took Nitro spray ...

 A medical question about coping behavior after a heart attack?
Please help me answer a question. A middle-aged man is recovering from a heart attack. He tells the nurse he is not surprised he had the attack since his work and home life are very stressful, and ...

 Open heart surgery for VSD closure?
My 6 yr old son will be undergoing an open heart surgery for VSD closure next month. I'm aware of the procedures & risks involved but I do not know what to expect of his condition ...

 How do you cure a broken heart?

 &hearts is that how tot get the little heart?

 Are these signs of deppression?
I have had a lost in appetite When i wake up i feel like why whould i be awake i have lost interest in my favortie activities i always seem tired or sad i dont have emotions for things as much as i ...

 why does coffee make my heart ache?
i rarely drink coffee but when i do i feel alert and then an hour later really weak in the left side of my chest around my heart, especially when i breathe in deeply : (...

 Who is the best intervention cardiologist in Bangladesh?
i want to treat my uncle who is suffering from heart attack. Previously i visited a cardiologist who said that he has to do coronary angiogram....

 how to turn this around - high cholesterol?
well the verdict is in. cholesterol is at 5.7 and LDLs are high and HDLs are too low. how do i turn this around. i feel as got a death sentence....

 What would +4 edema mean on an autopsy report?

 I was siting down when all the sudden my heart made a really hard thud/palpitation, is this normal.?
I've been to the cardiologist a few times, done tests, everything seems fine. I do not have any history of heart conditions in my family. I just got a hard thud/palpitation in my heart when I ...

Bottom Contributor
What is the difference between a dysrhythmia and an arrhythmia? ?

Avery Dex
Just go to this website below

Actually, there is no difference between the two terms/conditions. Cardiac arrhythmia is usually interchanged with dysrhythmia. Arrhythmia is the irregular beating of the heart or what is usually referred by the phrase "my heart skipped a beat."

Arrhythmia can be further classified into two: tachycardia and bradycardia. Tachycardia is the described as a condition wherein your heart beats too fast while too slow heart beats fall as bradycardia.

Some factors which can cause arrhythmia include heart attack, blood chemistry imbalances, and even abnormal hormone levels. It may also be caused by some substances or medicines.

Most common symptoms, apart from the irregular beating of the heart, include lightheadedness, dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath, paleness, and sweating.

While most arrhythmias are harmless, some can be dangerous or even fatal. Since the heart beat is too slow, too fast, or irregular, it may be a symptom that the heart is not able to pump enough blood to the body. This lasck in blood flow may result to damages to the brain, heart, and other vital organs.

To further understand arrhythmias, consult your doctor.

Absolutely no difference, just terminology.

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