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 Heart Valve Replacement. :(?
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its urgent..plz temme as soon as posssible.....

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 Is his signs of a heart attack, fast please?
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 How long can a 64 years old man live if he has heart valvular disease with angiosarcoma and fibrosarcoma?

 Can anxiety cause heart damage?
I get anxiety everyday which makes my heart beat really fast. Even like when I am doing my taekwondo suddenly I get a high heart rate. My heart beats slower sometimes and misses a beat.


What exercise is best to lower triglycerides?
Well I'm 19 years old and because things like high blood pressure and high cholesterol and other heart issues run in my family my doctor felt the need to test my cholesterol. I was looking at my results and listening to my doctor and it comes down to this, i need to raise my HDL and lower my triglyceride. The doctor said exercise would help with that but when I asked him what kind of exercise, he had no answer. So I thought I would ask here. What kind of exercise is better to raise HDL and lower triglycerides? I'm already on a reduce fat and cholesterol diet and have been for a while now. I've been eatting more foods rich in carbohydrates and fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, for about a year now. I plan on increasing the amount of exercise i do daily but if the exercise i do doesn't help then increasing it wouldn't be best. I am looking for anyway to help what I need and prevent anything from becoming worse. I do have high blood pressure and I take medicine for that. I take pills for other things too, and I just want to get things right so I dont have to be a 20 year old popping pills like a 70 year old, you know.

You can lower your cholesterol and your blood pressure at the same time simply by increasing your water and salt intake.

Yes, I've heard the stuff about salt causing high blood pressure but it's a bunch of nonsense - and if you've reduced your salt intake on your doctor's advice, you're only contributing to the problem. Salt does NOT cause high blood pressure.

After oxygen, water and salt are the two most important substances in the body that sustain life. The tissues contain 75% water and salt, the brain 85% and the blood 94%. With this much salt naturally occurring, where do doctors get the idea that salt is bad for us?

Read on and you'll learn why.

The cells need important nutrients for proper function. These nutrients are delivered by water and salt (salt removes the toxins from the cells).

When you don't drink enough water, the body rations it to make it available to those organs that absolutely could not survive without water. In the meantime, the body looks for water sources to inject into the cells. The blood is a common source because of the 94% water content and also because it's conveniently located near every cell.

Borrowing water from the cells causes the arteries to constrict due to having less volume. It also causes the blood to thicken - like a sauce thickens on a stove top when the water evaporates. The heart now has to exert more pressure to pump the blood - this is the high blood pressure reading.

Another thing that happens when the blood thickens is the salt that was mixed with the water gets concentrated. Doctors claim that this is "excess" salt and the reason for the high blood pressure. But this is incorrect. The salt is the RESULT of the water being taken from the blood. The water being taken from the blood is the RESULT of not drinking enough water - dehydration. The thickened blood was also the RESULT of the water being taken from the blood.

The raised blood pressure, therefore, is NOT caused by the salt, it's the RESULT of dehydration. But doctors don't recognize dehydration as being the cause of health problems, so instead of having you drink more water, he tells you to cut back on salt. Following this advice only contributes to further problems, because now your water deficient AND salt deficient - it's little wonder why you're on medication.

Actually, doctors DO recognize dehydration as being the cause of health problems. This is why when you go to the ER they shove an IV needle in your arm - it's to prevent/treat dehydration. They recognize it for this because they can charge $385 for 3 tsp of salt in a liter of water. You could do the same thing at home to prevent/treat dehydration (orally, not intravenously) for free. But your doctor will never tell you this because he doesn't want you treating yourself - there's no profit in it.

Getting to the cholesterol, this, too, is caused by dehydration.

Cholesterol is actually produced to save your life, believe it or not.

When the blood thickens from dehydration, it can become acidic and cause tiny cuts and abrasions as it gets pumped through the arteries. This damage can peel away and cause an embolism in the brain or other organ. To prevent this, the body produces cholesterol to act as a patch or band-aid until the damage can be repaired.

But again, doctors don't recognize dehydration, so the dehydration continues to produce acidic blood, which continues to damage the arteries - requiring the body to produce more and more cholesterol.

Both high blood pressure and cholesterol can be corrected by increasing the water and salt intake. Because I have had some of my answers deleted by parties who wish this information to stay hidden, I will not include a link to where you can learn to correct your problem. If you're interested, please contact me and I will pass the information along.

john e russo md facm faafp
The exercise need be no more complex than walking 20 to 30 minutes daily. Exercise may raise HDL cholesterol by at most 10% which is seldom clinically relevant. Exercise does not lower triglycerides. Please do not take omega 3 fatty acids as one respondent has suggested. This may lower triglycerides but it may increase LDL cholesterol. There is to date not a single trial demonstrating that omega 3 fatty acids reduce cardiovascular events. If I may be of further assistance please let me know. I wish you the very best of health and in all things may God bless.

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