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 how young can you suffer from a heart attack?

 17 year old boy with a blood pressure of 150/90 is this considered high blood pressure?

 Chest pains and irregular heartbeat....?
ive been having chest pains (dull throbbing) that have persisted for a few days now. i also have noticed my heart seems to be skipping beats here and there, but nothing to knock me down or out of ...

 Has anxiety or worrying about things too much ever caused heart attacks for people in their 50's?
Also, is it true that worrying too much can make a person sick?...

 There's something wrong with my heart and breathing.. Can anyone help me?
So, my problem is, that from time to time, I suddenly feel very tired, like I ran up the stairs. This time, my pulse is exactly 85, I always measure it and get the same results. I feel like I have ...

 Heart rate 110-115 on daily basis?
Is that normal? I mean, I drink a lot of caffeine and I'm not overweight or anything. And my heart rate is listened to with a stethoscope it beats slow and then speeds up then slows down. So ...

 my heart my heart helpppppp!?
my friend was just admitted to the hospital they said he had a slight heart attack and had fluid on his lungs but he's okay now and stabilized...but he seems to be hiding info he has told the ...

 rapid heart beat 112 beats per minute. should i seek medical help ?
it started yesterday , heart beats quick but i dont feel it or no pain at all. i have dry mouth so i think it's maybe because im dehydrated .Should i be worried ? is there a high risk ?...

 What should I do I have sharp pains in my chest where my heart is what should I do?
I am 10 years old I have sharp pains in my chest where heart is what should I do I need help please ...

 Rare heart condition, please help me.?
My significant other has a rare heart condition and it has been confirmed that she only has until this August or September to be on Earth. She won't tell me the name of her condition but I want ...

 My heart seems to skip a beat.............?
It has gotten worse lately. I've gone to the doc before and they say it's just from too much caffeine and smoking. Well I've cut down to only one cig a day (yeah I know why don'...

 i'm 16, and I think i'm dying of heart failure D: help?
I'm only 16..
but i've tried to kill myself several times (hanging myself being one of the times)
and anywho
my whole left side of my chest hurts
and my heart was ...

 i have a cholesterol problem can anyone help me please?
ok so im 20 years old and i have high cholesterol. i was wondering wat are some exercises i could do or wat are some foods i have 2 eat now because i have 2 be on a strict diet. anything will help ...

 Is an irregular heartbeat serious?
Im 15 and I have been experiencing an irregular heartbeat for the last few months. I know i have one becuase whenever it gets irregular i feel it strongly. It only lasts for a few seconds when it ...

 What are some foods that help lower high blood pressure?

 How cholesterol formed in our body when eating Fat?
Please explain how does it happen

1 saturated fat
2 trans fat
3 mono unsaturated fat
4 poly unsaturated fat


 My friend had just diagnosed with 3 of his arteries blocked (75%), can advance artery solution help?

 I have recently been diagnosed with S.V.T supraventricular tachycardia?
I am 41 and female,I was at work and my heart started to race and my blood pressure dropped.I was taken to hospital and a chest xray and blood tests were done (all came back clear) the episode lasted ...

 OK, I take about 5 or 6 medicines a day, for high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, please read on?
panic attacks, fast heart beats, for my stomach and for depression. I take Toprol XL, Tiazac 420, lansoprazole 30 mg, Effexor XR 75, Avalide 150/12.5 and Xanax 0.5mg.
Now my question is, I ...

 What does it mean when a doctor has a case?
An example would be:

Dr. Bob has a big case on Wednesday.

Please help explain, thanks!...

What does it mean when your heart is going into vtac?

ur ventricles are working really fast and your heartbeat will be very high......

The One
Ventricular tachycardia. It's when your heart rate goes way up.

I would like to comment on joes comment. atrioventricular disassociation was the old term for 3rd degree heart block or complete heart block, not ventricular tachycardia. VT is caused be an irritable foci in the ventricules that is causing the rapid heart rate and the fibrillation threshold is very low. The intrinsic rate for the ventricles, is 30-40 bpm. AV disassociation( 3rd degree ) has an atrial rate that is normal and a ventricle rate that is normal. There is no P-wave relationship with the QRS. This patient needs a pacer and a person with VT requires oxygen, IV meds and probable sync cardioversion and in the case of pulseless VT - defibrillation and CPR as per ACLS Protocol.

Andrew C
it means that your ventricals are beating very fast without syncronizing with you atria. in fact your atrium are not beating at all and if sustained it can be fatal

Just to clarify, for anyone interested, during ventricular tachycardia, the upper chambers or atria are attempting to contract. This can be seen on ECG's and in fact is a hallmark of ventricular tachycardia - atrioventricular dissociation. Furthermore, there can be occasional beats that are appropriately conducted from the atria to the ventricles in the form of fusion or capture beats, other tell-tale signs of ventricular tachycardia.

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