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Hi i am 16 yrs old male and ive been getting palpitations for almost 2 months now. But now i am getting burning/aching pain under my left breast and occasionally my right. I could also feel it ...

 blood pressure 60/30 is that dangerous?
i am 21 years old weight 130 hight 5'7 and my blood pressure is 60/30 is that dangerous or it is Okay? i feel very light headed a feeling about to pass out... what should i do? please help thank ...

 Whats the names of the main arteries that branch off the aorta towards the upper body?

 Need help with A&P questions on the heart!?
Blood is supplied to the myocardium by A. the coronary arteries. B. contact with blood in the pumping chambers. C. arteries that branch from the pulmonary arteries. D. the ...

 Heart Arrhythmia with marijuana?
A little over a year ago i had a heart arrhythmia and had an ablation done and i was cured. I have been 100% fine since then. My question is would i be fine to smoke marijuana? I smoked little ...

 Would blood clot present constant pain?
The last 3 days I have had occasional pain in my upper left arm on the outside. Its kind of like a dull ache its not very painful more of a nuisance. It doesn't seem to be affected by exercise ...

 Chances of me having a heart attack at 21?
Ok so basically. Im 21. I weigh 300 lbs and im always stressed to the point of breaking. My blood pressure is fine, i dont smoke, drink or do drugs. i dont excersize and i dont sleep alot. Ive had ...

 Kind of having heart issues?
It's been like this for about 5 days I think. You know that odd feeling you get whenever your heart will have those split second "act ups" like were it beats up really quick and feels ...

 What are the chances of me having a heart attack?
I'm 14 and fit and healthy but I Occasionally smoke weed (1's a month mixed with tobacco) yesterday me and my mate had a tenner bag between us (3 joints) yesterday we'd finished at ...

 Fast heart rate and normal breathing?
hi, im a 17 yr old female, i have spina bifida and a vp shunt and earlier today i took a shower, i went to my room to get changed (my room is usually cold), and i wasnt that cold, so for almost the ...

 My 84 year old mother is recovering from a stroke?
WE have noticed that her hearing has improved greatly since her stroke. She no longer needs hearing aids for normal conversations.Is this normal or unusual?...

 Does this cause my blood pressure to go up?
I listen to music alot and everytime I listen to it I feel this rush in me, like excitement....

 Is afib in a 22-year old cause for concern?
I was diagnosed with afib a month and a half ago after a bout in which I did not sleep and was working in 20 degree conditions with only a t-shirt in shorts. My heart jumped from 120-180 with ...

 How much do nurses make in denver?
And I've been to all those websites...which always say higher. I want to know what YOU make a year. I have to move there from madison, WI and make 60,000 a year now, I'm worried I'll ...

 How accurate are the wrist blood pressure monitors?

 Does a heart rate monitor have to have a strap wrapped around a person's chest?
I heard that some heart rate monitors work with just the watch and don't need the strap across your chest. Is this correct? If so, are they as accurate as one which has the chest strap? I am ...

 Blood Pressure .....?
Im in grade 11 doing my biology lab and i came to the conclusion that the higher a person elevates their legs (starting in a lying down position and then elevating to different heights) that their ...

 When I'm in bed my heart beats fast when I turn over?
When I'm very relaxed and almost sleeping or in the middle of the night when I happen to be awake and turn over my heart beats faster. I'm I turning over too fast? My heart slows back ...

 my heart constantly double beats really fast even when i sitting down any ideals what this could be. im 19?

 Should I be worried about my resting heart rate and blood pressure?
I have fainting spells and grey outs randomly. After I black out my blood pressure spikes. How high is too high? http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn....

What does A,B,C, of of Basic Life stand for?

guess that ones covered

airway: make sure the airway is clear, no blockages, or if they need an airway (oral, nasal, or trach, or intubation). breathing: If there is a steady rise and fall of the chest, obvious respirations, quality, enough or too many respirations, need for oxygen, need for rescue breathing or assistance in breathing circulation: heart rate/pulse, quality of it, how many beats, need for chest compressions, any major bleeing anywhere

Michael H
Airway Breathing and Circulation

Airway, breathing and circulation

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