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Its for a paper and i can't find this information ANYWHERE it needs to be cited please....

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I feel pain in the left side of my chest. Sometimes i have this problem in the middle of my chest. It takes almost more than 1 hour for it to recover. Is it possible that i have heart attack?

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my blood pressure is 97 over 46. Is that normal?...

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 is my blood pressure healthy?
my blood pressure is 102/58
like, when i stand up, my vision becomes a little darker and then it goes back to normal. i do sometimes get dizzy. i have a history of high blood pressure from both ...

 Is a heart rate of 194 dangerous?
I've just got back from the Gym (I'm 16 and I hardly ever get any exercise, although surprisingly quite skinny) and the machines were saying my heart rate was at 194 beats per minute. I ...

 I had 5 by-pass surgery. Was I completely nude on the operating table?
One vein was high on the leg, right next to my thingie....

 How to effectively reduce high blood pressure?
Please how can I effectively reduce high blood pressure within the next couple of weeks. My current BP is 140/90 and need to get it within the normal range in the next 5 weeks. I have started ...

 Fast heart beat and shortness of breath??(read ALL PLEASE HELP)?
It all started about a month ago i was in the movies with my dad and had a "tackacardia"...the doctor said. i was rushed to the hospital and my heart beat was 180 per minute. EVERY DAY/...

 How can i calm my heart down after taking cocaine?PLEASE HELP!!!?

 what is the effect of nicotine on the arteries?

 A pateint brought to a hospital suffering from dehydration woudl be given what type of intravenous solution?

 Which one is right during a heart attack?
A regular customer was in my store today and began having chest pain and said he felt faint right before he hit the floor of my store. He never lost consciousness and while one of my co workers ...

 Sometimes my heart beats strangely?
been happening a lot recently and i'm not sure what the cause is but sometimes my heart beats funny it feels like it's twitching or fluttering and sometimes is followed by pains in my arms ...

 I have have high cholesterol. im in shape and very active.how is this possible?

True or False, can a needle go into your heart?
i were told that if you step on one, it will go through your blood stream and enter your heart.

Sharon Wiliams

Billy Butthead
It could.

Morgan-murphy Crawford

A sliver of anything ( metal, glass) can travel through your body and end up anywhere. But usually before this happens, the site around the foreign object becomes infected and works its way out or is surgically removed.
But, there have been cases of what you just said.

False. I just dont see how that could happen. A needle is long and sharp. It would have to get stuck somewhere along the way. Venous walls are not solid structures like PVC pipe. They are elastic and actually contract to help propel blood back to the heart. Try to imagine a needle traveling from the foot, going through all the bends and contractions of the veins and making it all the way to the heart without getting stuck.

Donna B.
the answer to your question is no
you can have intracardiac injections by a Dr for certain medical problems

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