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LDL high 131 how do I lower it to 100 or lower? LDL is bad ...

 is zero cholesterol desirable?

 Please furnish me with tips to control my blood pressure. Thanks?
I am a male , 39 years old. 6ft tall, dark in complexion , a fleet manager and C...

 Was this a heart attck?
My friend is 14. She gets anxious a lot. But yesterday she was just waslking up a hill, she said she was thinking about her phobia (which are illnesses and death) and her heart started beating very ...

 what is the best digital home blood pressure monitor?
I am back from the doctor and I was told that I need to take a blood pressure medication because my blood pressure was higher than normal during my doctor visit. My BP was 140/90 and I was told to ...

 What is wrong with my heart?
my heart hurts this happens almost everyday. my heart hurts, not like major pain. Compare it to when you see your significant other after a long time, or when you're excited for an event or ...

 how can one person have so many health problems?

 how many burgers would i have to eat to have a heart attack and/or stroke, on the spot?
i would like some money from mcdonalds when i sue them....

 i am dieing plz help me?
i have a disease and im dieing what should i don before i die?...

 What do you know about Congestive Heart Failure?
My sister in law means the world to me and her mom has been recently diagnosed with it. What can we do to make life easier on her? My sister in law wants to make her walk, but she struggles to do it. ...

 Help My grand pa is in the hospital and?
he has been having problems he is in icu and has been for about 2 months now. and he has been to three diff. hospitals they finally did a heart cath on him and it turns out he has 4 blockages. ...

 can you feel your heart beat?
just wanted to know can you guys feel your heart beat have you tried to control it? dose deep breathing can make us relaxed?...

 why my pressure is still high if i took medication and being on diet & reduce from 30 to 6 cigarretes per day?

 Chest pains at 23 years old?
Im a 23 year old female and Im have been having chest pains for 3 days straight in a row now...The pain is not constant...It comes and goes durning the day...I have also been having headachs and feel ...

 Why is my heart rate so high?
its at 110 BPM at the age of 17. Why is it so high, and how can i make it lower....

 How long can someone with an artificial heart valve live?

 Can someone explain Arrhythmias and Heart Failure?

 Is my blood pressure normal or is this strange?
I went to blood pressure machine and i was VERY nervous and it read: 150/88 Waited a min and then it was 145/85 walked around the store then it was 137/88 Waited a min and then it was 135/80 W...

 can I take atenolol forever?

 Fluttering feeling in chest; Is it normal?
I occasionally get a fluttering type feeling in my chest, almost like my heart is double beating or fluttering. I have noticed it since I was about 15 (I'm not 27). It sort of comes and goes. ...

My heart function is 30%. What can I do to improve it?
8 months ago, through echo, I was told that my heart functions at 15%. Today I did another echo and was told that it has improved to 30%. I am only 40 years old and weighs around 115kg. I have never suffered any heart attack except that my body is retaining water and I am on Lasix. I do regular walks around the parks 20-30 mins each time and never experience any chest pains. Besides my body weight, I feel healthy and great. Now I am worried that one day I will just collapse & die!! Should I feel healthy if my heart is functioning at 30% & how do I improve it?

i am also on lasix , my heart function was at 11% now with a pacemaker heart function 41%.

Use a multivitamin that contains CoQ10!!! Our hearts are made of 90% of CoQ10. I use YOR Essential Vitamin® which contains 100mg of CoQ10, the highest amount I have seen thus far!!! Go to the YOR Health website: www.yorhealth.com/danielcho Email: danielcho@yorhealth.com for inquiries

Dances With Woofs!
Take 150 - 300 mgs CoQ 10 every day,and also 4000 mg salmon oil and 500 mg L-Carnitine. Eat a lot of fish,veggies and whole grains and keep up the exercise. make sure that you get enough potassium and magnesium. Good luck. http://www.healthcentral.com/heart-disease/c/45112/66645/supplement


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