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 ive just been told i have spvtc! supraventricular tachycardias?
just need a little more info on this? at the time my concultant told me i had this i was in shock! for the past 8mths ive been told i have been sufferin panic attacks n anxity attacks now after ...

 How to approach cardiologist on a question?
Hi there! Im 15 years and old and going to the cardiologist in a week. I plan to ask him, along with my mom, if he could approve me for the make-a-wish foundation. I have the refferal papers with me ...

 Does anyone here have or know someone with transposition of the great arteries?
How old are you or the person you know? When was your surgery done? Have you had any complications? Would love to ...

 high blood pressure and leg weakness?
lately i've had my blood pressure go to the dang roof when i get nervous, it's almost like i can do it on command, my legs have also felt weak this past 2 months. my doctor says it's ...

 will joose cause your heart rate to become higher?

 I'm on coumadin, not allowed most veggies because?
of the vit k factor. My question: may I take omega 3 caps 1200mg. One dr said yes, one said no. I have A Fib & athero. Thanks for Your Help....

 high and low liver and cholesterol blood test results - can someone explain them to me?
I was tested for kidney problems because I have high blood pressure (typically 160/105) and I just received my blood results by post - with some showing as 'hi' and 'lo', but only ...

 150 Heart Rate in a 13 year old resting dangerous ?
Well i was laying down and i got a migraine and it started off like a regular headache then it would get so bad i would have to Hold head and almost scream to make it stop putting my entire body into ...

 Can I use a cordless phone to transmit ECG strips?
-Wasn't sure which section to post this in- The cardiologist told me that a cordless phone is fine, but the booklet she gave me specifically says not to use cellular or cordless phones....

 Is There Something Wrong With My Heart?
My BP is 102/60 but my pulse races a lot and sometimes I get chest pains. My doc found a small cyst in my breast, which she said was causing the chest pains. I didn't know that she actually ...

 Advanced high blood pressure?
What does this mean? How is it different from just plain high blood pressure? I read "Advanced high blood pressure may cause distortion and stretching of the mitral valve." At what age ?...

 Congestive Heart Failure Is a Plausable Diagnosis, Right?
I am a med student and in biochemstry today we were discussing a case study. It was of a 50 year old man that weighed 350 pounds. He had trouble breathing, espeically when laying down, and leg pain ...

 what did the cardiologist say to the waiter?
my name is Brady-cardia and i need mouth to mouth ...

 Can a person come out of a coma after a heart attack?
My friend's father just had a heart attack two days ago and he slipped into a coma. (It was not an artificial coma) My question is, how likely is he to come out of it? He is a 49 year old male, ...

 TMT test Mildly positive but Echo report is good and having EF 72%, is Angiogram required ?
Hi My mother(Age 50,weight 54kgs) has undergone TMT test for mild chest discomfor and these are test results : Maximal age predicted heart rate -94%,Resting ECG,Mild ST-T changes,Good Effort T...

 25 years old with recent blood pressure of 220/115 and doctors don't know why. Any help?
I dont do drugs not even caffine. frequent headaches, ringing in ears, cold hands and feet, 5ft 7in tall, 150lbs, very ...

 I have this problem. Probably with my heart and I need an doctor's opinion?
My past: I started to have heart palpitations from 6 weeks ago. I went to the doctors and explained to them that I get this big thumping feeling (adreneline-like to the nearest description) and I ...

 HOW do stimulants increase the heart rate?
Thank you for any help in advance. :)...

 Should I undergo this expensive "HEART" surgery or not? What should I do?
Just found out recently that I had a heart problem, it's VSD (left to right shunt) which they said was inborn and was advice to undergo an expensive surgery. I can't even afford it... I'...

 when they say "provide Holding to patients", what does that mean?

My blood pressure today was 112 / 43 / 81 (sys/dia/pul) Is this ok?
Was just passing a health centre and they had a machine where you just put your arm in and it tests your blood pressure. Result was 112 / 43 / 81 I felt pretty much as I always do - tired. I don't know myself to be any other way and I've given up complaining as I seem to be stuck like this - tired. I can't work a whole day without at least 1 hours nap in the afternoon or I can't function - I'm simply brain dead. I sleep like I'm in a coma or dead for 40mins after lunch, then I'm okay to work again. Then I have another nap in the evening and wake up better. I also sleep well at night. Actually, I could sleep much of the day. Do you think it's to do with low blood pressure? Do you think it was because I took this test before lunch? I'm slim and always have been. I eat a lot and can't function without food - I get hungry quickly and have to eat when I need to. My BMI is always 18.5 or 19. I never smoke. I never drink alcohol. I never have anything with caffeine in. I only drink 3 drinks (water, milk or fresh fruit juice) I never take drugs (except thyroxine for an underactive thyroid). I eat lots of fruit and veg everyday. I cycle everyday and keep fit in the park running and doing exercises which is a buzz (although some days I get dizzy). By the way my heart rate is always, and always has been, unnaturally fast! Even when I'm really fit, my heart is still really fast! People say I'm like a mouse. So I have naturally low blood pressure and a naturally fast heart. Does this mean anything?

you need to go to Dr. your bottom no. is low but feeling tired could mean low thyroid, low blood count. could be a number of things you need to find out. Your 113 no. is fine.

Your diastolic pressure (the second number) sounds a little low, but I estimate your mean arterial pressure (MAP) is 66, which is normal. Unless there was some abnormality on examination of your cardiovascular system, it is nothing to worry about (I am assuming your doctor has already examined you!). Perhaps your symptoms could be explained by inadequate dosing of the thyroxine. By the way, maybe you SHOULD try to get some caffeine to increase your energy during the day.

perfect health. diastolic(43) may be a tad low

112 is OK 43 is quite low 81 is OK - your low blood pressure is probably caused by your thyroid condition but it could also be dehydration

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