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Mrs. Moody >6/24/2010<
My Blood Pressure is 120 over 90 Is That High?
Last week my blood pressure was 120 over 80 at the doctor's office. I was at the same office today and they took my blood pressure and it was 120 over 90 and the doctor said I have high blood pressure.

Is that true? Isn't the normal 120 over 80 so I'm just 10 points above.

I'm 5ft 9 inches tall and I weigh 386 pounds and I feel like he was making my 10 point increase a big deal because of my weight and when I pointed out that last week it was normal he was like "oh." I don't have diabetes either.

I know my weight is unhealthy so please don't make rude comments.

Normal is 120/70. Your blood pressure is a bit high, like the doctors office told you, but that's probably due to your weight. I'm not being rude or mean, but being overweight can lead to high blood pressure. If you want to lower your blood pressure, you will have to start eating healthy and doing some exercise...I know it is easier said than done. I'd like to lose weight too, many women do. You have a great motivator in your case: to be healthy. All you can do is try.

Blood pressure
optimal - 120/80
normal - 130/85
high normal - 130-139/85-89
hypertension stage1(mild) - 140-159/90-99
hypertension stage2(moderate) - 160-179/100-109
hypertension stage3(severe) - >180/>110

1st number - systolic pressure
2nd number - diastolic pressure
Diastolic BP refers to blood pressure when between muscle contractions. Doctors and medical experts have stated that diastolic high blood pressure should be taken seriously and that it causes more harm to the body than systolic does. This higher rate of diastolic pressure causes adverse effects on the brain, heart and kidney. Patients of diastolic high blood pressure are advised to lower diastolic pressure by maintaining below 90. Systolic pressure is also required to be lowered though a top priority is focused on diastolic pressure.
i think you are juz at the borderline of hypertenstion mild stage.(doctor will consider the worse condition although u have good systolic pressure)

1. proper lifestyle - avoid smokin, alcohols, more exercises~
2. diet - low salt, low cholesterol
3. medication ....

Do blood test - check cholesterol lvl
take statins medication in case high cholesterol

Mushtaq A
BP 120/90 is normal.

Jesus is Lord over all
no offence but your not only risking a heart attack with your weight, you are also risking cancer, strokes etc, so if you want to live lose weight about 200 pounds. eat well and start an exercises routine. ask your doctor for a work out schedule for you. keep going and no offence you will be dead within 5 years. your risking it big time. now is the time to start to lose. talk to your doctor

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