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It feels like a heart attack, but it's not a panic attack?
My chest, mainly my heart area, but some times it feels like the whole chest area, some times hurt really bad. It's random. I only used to get them when I was intoxicated, but I got 2 yesterday, sober, which is really unusual. 2 in a row, so quick, I mean. It feels like a heart attack, and literally leaves me gasping for air. It feels like... my chest/heart is being compressed really bad, but also like, it's exploding? I'm not sure. But, nothing helps, I just try not to move or anything cuz that seems to be better than moving, and they can last for 5+ minutes. I'm not sure what it is, and it just seems like I'm not able to breathe either. Any help?

It's just a chest pain nothing serious don't worry

i luv Sweden!
It could be cramps but if you eat or drink to much you can have a ghoul bladder attack same symptoms only you pupils become dilated. It's harmless.

see your doctor asap. could be a blood clot in the lung or any number of potentially fatal conditions. most likely it is something the doctor will be able to fix.

Thoms M
A panic attack is a severe attack of anxiety and fear which occurs suddenly, often without warning, and for no apparent reason. Various other symptoms then occur during a panic attack. These include one or more of the following:

* Palpitations or a thumping heart.
* Sweating and trembling.
* Hot flushes or chills.
* Feeling short of breath, sometimes with choking sensations.
* Chest pains.
* Feeling sick.
* Feeling dizzy, or faint.
* Fear of dying or going crazy.
* Numbness, or pins and needles.
* Feelings of unreality, or being detached from yourself.

The physical symptoms that occur with panic attacks do not mean there is a physical problem with the heart, chest, etc. The symptoms mainly occur because of an 'overdrive' of nervous impulses from the brain to various parts of the body during a panic attack.

see here: http://www.fightingpanicattacks.com/

Jim HD
You really need to see a doctor, it sounds like it could be gall stones, many of the symptons you describe I experienced before having my gall bladder removed, Doc called it a bag of rocks. I thought i was having a heart attack.Don't take chances see a Doc.

It is probaby indigestion I used to get that when I was younger & hated when someone said that cause I was scared but it did go away.


Miss America
Hard to say but really only a doctor or cardiologist can tell you for sure..but I've had arrhythmia's in the past, and they felt alot like what you described except I had pain in my neck as well.

Words Of Advice
I would advise you to see a doctor right away. Do not wait. It's always to good to be on the safe side. If I were you I would go to the E.R. or the doctors right now, or have somebody drive you. Because in your description it sounds like something could be going on in your chest thats not supposed to happen. No need to get worried, sometimes I get pains in my chest here and there. But if it's been going on for a long time now. I would seek immediate help right away. Like I said before, its always good to be on the safe side. Good luck =)

Trust in the Lord
it almost sounds like the onset of a heart attack. chest pain is how it starts...i watched this in my physiology class. it could be something else though, but just go to the doc

hazel eyes
You need to get checked out.I have heart problems.My heart spasms myself and it isn't funny when it is happening.It is not a panic attack either.But the heart beats irregularly..It speeds up for a few minutes like I have a heart attack but it stops too in a bit.I am on heart meds to try to control it but it doesn't always help..It can turn to be a problem and you might need a pacer if medicine doesn't help..I would go get checked..You will need to wear a monitor to catch it...I do not get enough air..but they say if it last too long it can go into a full heart attack.

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