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 what's it like to have a tripple bypass?

 has anyone ever heard of nadolol for treatment of atrial fibrillation?
my dr. has prescribed this for me and nowhere can i find that mentioned on the ...

 My Father will be getting a defribullator inplanted tomorrow what should I expect?
My father is getting a ICD inplanted. I have a 8 month old that weighs 25lbs that he loves to hold all the time. I heard you cannot lift anything heavy after having one implanted.
Does anyone ...

 How long does it take to get back to work with a DVT?

 what is a 110 heart murmur? Also is it bad to have a heart rate of 62 and a bpm of 120/58?
im a serious runner, and i dont know if this would greatly effect my running ability. I know that the normal is 120/80 and that its not good to have a high or low bpm. Am i just too worried?...

 What is Sinus? Is the coronary sinus differs from a vein or a blood vessel?

 what heart conditions can cause tingling of the hands, feet and tongue?

 My Mother-in-Law has just gone in for hip surgery. She has had 4 heart attacks and 2 strokes.Bad outlook. Help
I am in deep pain... I am scared to loose her and I don't know what to say to her before her surgery. The prognosis is NOT good. She's been MY Mom for almost 40 years and my husband passed ...

 Sometimes my heart randomly stops?
It's not when I'm exercising either. Just when I'm perfectly fine, and normal not doing any strenuous work.

My heart will stop beating for about 5 seconds or "drop"...

 Blood pressure problem?
My insurance was canceled ( by 'x') I had to stop my medication because I can't afford any. I can't get work because my sister talks to the people who call or tosses the mail they ...

 how low is too low when it comes to potassium?
2.2 is my ...

 I have pain in my shoulder that wasn't there before my heart attack last October.?
October 20th of last year I had a heart attack. I still have pain in my left shoulder when I reach overhead with my left arm. Do you think it's related to my past heart attack or what because I...

 Is there an effect in the heart when a very hot water was thrown onto your chest?

 Heart Murmur in an adult?
I went to the Dr. yesterday for a check up due to some problems I had been having. I had been very fatigued and having blurred vision. Also had been having this unusual cough. During the physical he ...


 Medication Query?
I have un-stable Angina and waiting for angiogram after abnormal treadmill ecg. Im am currently taking these meds;80mg Lipitor; 90mg Isosorbide Mononitrate; 75mg Clopidogrel;75mg Asprin; 5mg B...

 Does anyone know what the brand name is for the generic heart medication Isosor.Dinitra 20 20mg?
My neighbor has this new heart med we are trying to find info about. The generic name/desription on the bottle is Isosor.dinitra 20 20mg. It is a smal green pill with a line divided down the ...

 When you're dehydrated and thirsty does your blood viscosity increase?
How thirsty would you need to be for there to be a big difference? And does moderate dehydration increase your risk of a heart attack?...

 Usage of beta-blockers for someone with severe allergies?
2 weeks ago, I found out that I have Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and had been prescribed with beta-blockers &antiarrhythmic drug. I never know that this medication can block the action of ...

 what is the four doors of the heart?
in ...

Is warm or cold weather good for the heart?
I read that people in northern countries have more heart disease. Does cold weather really influence the cardiovascular system, and, if so, how?

Yes cold weather do give little more contraction to all blood vessels and in a way to coronary artery also which supplies the blood to heart !And that way low blood supply will precipitate heart attack over and above they have geniytically small diameter vessels! Not only that they have to take high caloric fatty food for their energy and no much vegetarian is food available they have to depend on animal food which again will rise in their cholesterol and make artery small on deposition of this fatty layer inside it causing again low supply of blood !Always YouRsmE

Maybe it has nothing to do with the cold.

Perhaps their diet relies more on meat since they can't grow food in the cold weather.

Thus, they have a fattier diet.

The only way I know cold affects blood vessels is by causing the ones nearer the skin to close off so that heat is not lost.

I don't think the weather itself can affect the cardiovascular system, but it can be stressful for a person

Thane 1950
In colder weather the heart has to work harder. As you breathe your body prewarms the incoming air and to do this it must pump more blood to the head. Many doctors tell their heart patients to move to warmer areas.

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