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 help me im 23 am i having a heart attack?
i have pain directly on the top of my breast on the left side and it is CONSTANT and itsbeen there for 10 minutes straight and it hurts so bad my face is bright red.

i eat healthy usually ...

 my boyfriend has a heart murmur (he's 22) and he's been having pains lately in his chest.?
he went to the hospital and they want him to schedule an appointment with his doctor so he can go in and look further. but he won't do it!!!!! all he'll say is it's getting worse. ...

 How do I lower my blood pressure as it is extremely high?
Please help me. My blood pressure iss very high its been like this for months now it its not coming down. How can i reduce it?...

 Hi, I'm 19 and I'm freaking out about the health of my heart?
For the past few days I've had these feelings in my chest... Almost like fluttering and then there will be an occasional sharp jolt feeling and I also feel short of breath.. I went to the ...

 I get "mini" heart attacks?
OK.im 14 and when i go exercise(jogging or other vigorous activity), sometimes in every week or so, i get what feels like a heart attack. just to be sure its a heart attack, i get very lightheaded, i ...

 my husband started to feel pain in his heart, like knife stabs...is that a sign of a stroke? or future stroke?

 This is mom's blood pressure 182/60, what does it mean?
I took it first thing in the a.m. Mom is 86. Is the first # too high, or the second # too low? I heard that there should not be a difference of more than 40 between the two. She says she feels ...

 How can I lower down my blood pressure? It's already 140/90 while I'm over 40 now.?

 When you have a glass of water after being thirst you feel it going down ur throat and round your heart?
Like you just get that water/fresh feeling in your chest anyone else get that?...

 I'm a 38 female my blood prusser was 128 over 104 and my pulse was 80 is this ok?

 is this a heart attack?
my friends mom was layin down crying sayin that her chest hurt, but she could barely talk she was taking short breaths and it seemed like her chest was somewhat twitching or pouncin very fast.

 what does it feel like to have a camera down your throat?
i have to have an ultrasound on my heart from the inside using a device down my throat> im wondering how its going to feel and how sedated il be?...

 Please somebody answer! I'm scared! (10 PTS PLEASE!!!!)?
My fiance has been having some problems this past week. He is about 5' 11" and 185 lbs. Here are his symptoms:

- chest/heart pain (he said he cant describe it, it just hurts)

 what is normal resting heart rate female 49?
I have the iphone heart rate app have tested my RHR and it does not change from 30
b per/m is this normal for female 49 diabetic type 2 or is the app accurate?

Many thanks in ...

 how do i lower my blood pressure ...i started eating a very healthy fruit and veggie diet and i am getting?
more exercise ... any other tips it's about 139 over 85i started this eating healthy thing about 2 weeks ago i'm 6ft 4 in tall and 218lbs if that ...

 Possible heart problem or just "anxiety"?
First off i'm only 19 so I feel kind of dumb asking this, but I can't tell if I might have something wrong with my heart or not. It just feels really tight not that painful just awkward ...

 Can anybody suggest some cholesterol reducing foods?

 im 15yrs and always had a heart me mar from i was born..wat does this mean? wat are da long term effects?

 I just jogged for the first time in months and now I have stomach pains and feel like throwing up ?
my stomach was empty too, do you think it might have something to do with my heart, is there a link between the heart and the ...

 what can ido to prevent ed?

Is this High Blood Pressure 154/104?
I have been to see my nurse twice in the last 3 months and both times i have had what she calls high blood pressure. Its lowest reading was 154/104. Now im getting fitted with a 24 hour heart monitor and if the readings are still high i have been advised i will be on tablets for life. Is this all correct

no it's not

gangadharan nair
You have got stage 2 hypertension. Diastolic BP is very high.
Diastolic pressure is the force of blood in the arteries as the heart relaxes between beats. It's shown as the bottom number in a blood pressure reading.
The diastolic blood pressure has been and remains, especially for younger people, an important hypertension number. The higher the diastolic blood pressure the greater the risk for heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure.
Your pulse pressure is 154--104 = 50 mmHg. Optimum pulse pressure is 40 mmHg.
Research suggests that an elevated pulse pressure may be a strong predictor of heart problems, especially for older adults. Generally, a pulse pressure greater than 60 mm Hg is abnormal.
Please check the function of the kidney (for microalbuminuria, creatinine, blood urea nitrogen).

the bottom reading is the most important here, and yours is high around 90 is ok.

shamon (he he) whos bad???
yes that is kinda high, the 154 is not to bad, but its the 104, this should be below 100 preferably 90, this is the one they worry about but all in all its not really high, and medication will keep it down, also can i suggest eating plenty of red fruits and berries as they are good for keeping blood pressure down, ie, betroot, strawberries and all the red fruits!!!

Leigh O
140/90 is considered "borderline high".

Yes...your reading is considered high.

Happy Man
Yes this is a high blood pressure reading. Mine is 129/ 84 which is healthy.

Yes it is. The blood pressure we aim for for the patients on my unit is 120/80. So closer to that the better.

Avoid sodium and fast food. Sodium is hell on the blood pressure.

OUCH. Very Much So. Yes, you will be on Tablets your whole life. I am. And my Blood Pressure was 130/100.

Mum Mum
Yes !

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