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R.I.P. The Rev
Is there something wrong with my heart?
Before anyone says anything about me going to the doctor earlier, I know I should of went and stuff, but I never thought it was all that serious. so here's my story. I do kickboxing, and sometimes when we have our workouts, I have these weird symptoms. Like, I can't see straight, my head spins, my hearing becomes very weird (I can't hear with one ear), my heart beats super fast, and i feel like I'm going to faint, also i can't breath well, I have to gasp for air. So I ask my teacher if i could sit out, and after about 10 minutes all the symptoms go away, but i'm still out of breath. Now this has been happening for the past year, but I thought it was because I've been trying way too hard. I thought this was normal until it started getting worse. I'm going to the hospital later tonight to figure out what might be wrong. But can anyone tell me in advance what this might be? I'm getting worried. And please don't tell me off, I know I should of went earlier, it was irresponsible of me. I just want to know what this could be, anyone have any ideas? Please be serious about this.

It is a good thing that you went to the doctor to have this evaluated. One possibility is a panic attack, but it would be important to have other possibilities ruled out first. I think it is unlikely to be a heart problem, but not impossible. The head spinning part sounds like vertigo, which is usually secondary to middle ear disease. If it is more lightheadedness like you are going to pass out, then it could be related to a heart problem or low blood pressure for any reason. The shortness of breath can occur with a panic attack, heart condition or lung issue like asthma. It is possible that this could be something like an asthma attack, that reduces the oxygen in your blood leading to the sensation that you are going to pass out. Really it is impossible to say with this limited information and you must see the doctor to know the exact cause. I still think this is most likely a panic attack. Heart conditions usually produce more perisistent shortness of breath that is reprodible with exertion.

tim g
check your blood sugar.

Measure your blood pressure when you go to your doctor next. May be worth while going to a cardiologist and having a ultrasound and stress test done on your heart. Its very basic and harmless procedure, cheap too. Do it. It sounds like hypertension. And hospitals are for emergency, theyll likely take a blood test do a ecg and discharge you without any real investigation.

michelle m
it could be that your under a lot of stress honey it could be that your having a panic attack or it could be that you have heart palpitation. well good luck and go see your doctor soon!

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