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 can vicodin cause blood clots?

 Heart palpatations from Anxiety?
I have had an anxiety disorder for about 2 years now. I am a 25 year old male in pretty decent shape. The last 5 days or so I have been getting what seems to be Heart palpatations. I seem to get ...

 I think i have heart problems...Doctors help?
i always have random stabbing pains in the left center part of my chest. i have a sinus node arrythmia. i always feel light headed and like i cant breathe. but every time i go to the er they send ...

 do i have a heart perforation?
When i dive, and try to equalise the pressure in my sinuses and eardrums they do not equalise until i reach a certain depth, usually around 12 meters and then finally they do. does this mean i have a ...

 List some curable heart disease.?
List some curable heart disease. Is it true that all heart diseases are incurable ?...

Is blood pressure 170/110 dangerous?Is there any problem for kidneys?Please suggest some important suggestions..........

 can painfull heart palpitations be cause of some kind of heart problem?
i am only 20 years old.. but ever since i can remember i have had heart palpitations fallowed by a sharp pain in my chest..sometimes the pain is somewhat minor.. and sometimes it feels like someone ...

 Heart Palpitations, need advice please?
Currently I am experiencing heart palpitations. It started yesterday and has continued into today. At first I felt light headed at times but that seems to have stopped today. Am just quite concerned, ...

 My dad was just told his B12 was high...?
From what I have found that means he is at risk for a stroke or CAD. Is there a safe way to bring this down? He is on a bunch of meds, so I would need to know if it is a supplement that needs to go ...

 Is my leg pain heart or diabetic related?
last night i was up all night with lower leg pain and today i had it as well. i am a type1 diabetic and get numb toes from time to time but have never had leg pain like this before. the end digit ...

 Why does my heart ache ?
My heart physically aches, every day, im 27.
The doctor said my heart cant ache, but it does.
What could this be ?
I do stress alot, and i think it gets worse then....

 My wife"s a 56 year old, athlete. Her heart rate has dropped to running in the 38-48 range. She gets dizzy.?
Also her body aches and she has been getting headaches....

 I have vasovagal syncope , what causes it? Anyone else?
it feels completely random, do you know what causes it and anything i can do to prevent it? if you dont know its basically blacking out/fainting because your blood flow gets messed up.


 vascular calcification of the abdominal aorta?
I had a x ray taken of my back in the last week because my arthritis has been giving me more problems (lower back) I also have cad and have two stents both put in 2005. I have regular check ups with ...

 Question about fibrillation in the heart.?
What consequences does fibrillation have for cardiac muscle contraction and for the pumping efficiency of the heart? which is more serious--atrial or ventricular fibrillation?...

 i have an upper gi test done tomorrow im very nervous?
What do they do? What to expect? Im really scared please help.....

 Can a human live with only 25% of a heart functioning?

 had a stress test said there were abnormalties but they were consistant nothing to worry about what does that?

 Chest or heart discomforts?
I am 20 years old. about 5'8 and 170. i have started having these discomforts in my upper left chest area. in my heart area i think, sometime the discomfort goes all the way on the left side of ...

 I have 35% heart function?
Dr. says 35% heart function but I would like to know what I can do if anything to improve the percentage ? How long would I have if I dont take care of myself. eat right and exercise?...

Is my blood pressure ok?
BP is 124/72

pulse rate is 60

Tapan S
Normal blood pressure is : Less than 120 and less than 80.
120-139 or 80-89 is prehypertension, so you should watch your blood pressure.

Dr. Katie DDS
According to my at home blood pressure test, your top number should be under 130 and the bottom number should be under 80. Your pulse rate is a little low a normal pulse should be between 65 - 95

Keep watching your blood pressure though

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