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 How do I help my father recover from his recent heart surgery?

 HELP, HELP,HELP,HELP,HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… emergency!!!?
1.how do you take your blood preasure with a blood preasure tester at home?
2.what's the average blood preasure?
3.What is the highest amount above the normal blood preasure your blood ...

 Can Prednisone Make My Heart Race / Beat Weird?

i've been taking prednisone since 03/ 04/09 and i took it last night which was my first dose....and this morning when i got up ...every now and then my heart would race or beat ...

 Possible heart problems!?
Ok, I am 52 years old near 53, male and yes I smoke about 20 ish a day! Bad I know, and need my *** kicked, but why lie! The thing is I have smoked since I was around 12 years old, But at least I am ...

 what is a heart cathrization?
sorry about the spelling. my mom only just told me that my grandpa has one and most likely will get surgery tommarow. she said it has something to do with stress and blocking the heart. shes hiding ...

 can one have angina while you have normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol?

 Is having an irregular heart beat a bad thing?

 Should I be concerned about heart stuttering?
I just had some kind of attack where it felt like my chest was pounding in and out, and it made me kind of weak and fatigued. All I was doing was sitting down. Is this a problem? I have a ...

 I think I went into cardic arrest about 12 hours ago but came out of it naturally in about 5 minutes?
Is that possible? Well I'm not dead but I could have died I'm pretty sure..my pupils have been dilated all day..according to research I just found..it may have been cardiac arrest =( I was ...

 I am getting a stress echo test for my heart soon and I smoked marijuana in the past week Will it show up?

for some reason im having really sharp pains in my heart i think
its rarely ever happens, im 12
and im really worried will i die?
its happening right now and i cant move my body apart ...

 What does it mean when your blood pressure is 90/68?
Is it bad to have my blood pressure 90/68? Is it low? Could it mean something? I think I've always had low blood pressure...idk....

 panic attacks?
I only get panic attacks at night...why...is this crazy...i mean they are not severe but i always get nervous for some reason.....any suggestions??? no meds please!!!...

 worried about fast pulse?
bout 4 days ago i had a pulse of 200. i aked my doctor about it and he says that he doubts my pulse was that high and that i might have token it wrong. but i'm pretty sure it was at least 170. i ...

 Heart pains! only 16 years old?
i'm not even 16 i'm turning 16 this tuesday but today what happened is.. about 20 times throughout the day... my heart would hurt sooooooo bad for liek 5 seconds then stop.. but it's ...

 Am I having symptoms of a heart attack?
I know this seems weird but lately my left side of my chest has been hurting. The pain goes under my armpit and all the way to my back. I am 19 and I have never smoked and I don't drink. Also Im ...

 What's that heart rate thingy called?
What's the name of the device they always show in movies and shows and stuff where it's a bobbing red line that generate peaks to measure heart rate? Then usually when someone dies, it'...

 My pulse rate frequently tends to reach up to around 140 bpm while resting normally.?
How dangerous is this, and what are lethal pulse rates that I should be very concerned with ever having? Is there an official value for a lethal pulse rate?...

 my hearts gone weird, am i gonna die?
all day my hearts been beating weird, its like every couple of beats it beats a bit harder and kinda irregular, im 19 and slim....dont eat too unhealthily i dont think so yeh..im real worried

 is it normal for a 16-yr old girl to have a 64/min pulse rate and to have a difficulty in breathing?

Is blood pressure 130/80 ok?
I'm a girl, 69-70kg, 172sm, 21 years old.


e m
It is considered borderline. You might try getting it lower.

120/80 is considered normal. 130/80 is a high normal, but it is just fine.

I've attached links to a chart and an article for you to take a look at. Just remember to eat healthy and exercise and you will be fine!

Best of luck to you!

yep....ur just 1 point over, but thats fine

gangadharan nair
Optimal BP: < 120/80 mmHg.
Normal BP: < 130/85 mmHg.
Your BP is prehypertension level.
Adopt DASH diet.

It's in the normal reange, 120 would be normal, but its common to have "white coat disease" as soona s you get tested by a doctor or nurse ect, you become tense and it increases a bit!! Lower your salt intake and stock up on water!!

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