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 Who can i e-mail if i am having a heart-attack or other emergency and my phone isn't working (have broadband)?
I've been trying to learn this for a LONG time, and i bet i'm not the only one that would like to know this!...

 My mother has high cholesterol (312) should she eat salmon when.....?
My mother, 5'7 135 lbs extremely active female was diagnosed with cholesterol (312) and slightly blood pressure (140/90). She has been eating foods low in sodium or sodium free, stuff with no ...

 My heart is feeling funny. opinions please?
Ok, Ok, I am going to the doctor for this soon but.. need opinions.

I have gotten funny feelings in my chest and heart for many many yrs. I am almost 35. It feels like almost a racing ...

 My father has one eye with dilated pupil. Could it be caused by high cholesterol?

 Is it ok to exercise normally?
I have just found out that I have a leaky heart valve, the doctor said it Is nothing to worry about!!
I am yet to have an echocardiogram to see how far it is, small leak, big leak !! So I am ...

 Heartrate at 104 Beats per min... help?? 10 points, easy!?
Okay, when I went in to my doctor today, he told me my pulse was 104 BPM. I have been sick (cough, fever, chest pain etc.) for a few days, but this worries me. Should I be concerned?? What could ...

 Im I on the verge of having a heart attack at 15 years old?
A little bit about myself first
15 years
5'9-5'11 (some where in there not too sure)
130-140 pounds (it changes a lot usually 132- 135)
I drink about 3-5 pops ...

 I have these symptoms, irregular heart beat, back pain, bloating in stomach & have a hard time breathing help?
I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation, and a pace maker was recently implanted for my heart rate. I am taking norpace and diovan.It is hard to breathe sometimes. I think there is another problem.M...

 33 yr old female with elevated cholesterol?
I am a 33 yr old female. I have had elevated cholesterol for past few yrs, but got tested in January and it was at my all time high of 300. They put me on simvistatin months ago but havn't ...

 what should i do with my heart problem and legs PLEASE HELP ME!?
hi I am 13 year old girl in 8th grade i get alot of ache in my legs and i also have a heart problem i have it all the time even the ache i still remember that i always get this ache in my legs since ...

 would a syringe full of air cause a heart attack?

 my resting heart rate is 59?
is it too low heart beat?...

 Does this sound like heartburn ???
I have never had heartburn befor, so I am not sure if what I am feeling is heartburn ? It is kind of like a pain between my throat and my heart...kinda feels like something stuck...comes and goes......

 If blood clots in someones brain isn't caused from their heart, what else would it be linked to medically?

 Is a blood pressure of 148/122 dangerous?
Mine is normally 110/78, but it is 148/122 right now....

 WHY does she eat her blood clots...?
my gf's sister started her period about 2 years ago. i was just informed she likes to put her hand down there when she is going to the bathroom and get the clots out and eat them. she said she ...

 husband died the autopsy found blood around his heart, ino one can tell me why, can any tell my?

 Do i have a heart condition?
for a couple of weeks ive been noticing that i can feel my beat, even when i dont do anything much. but everytime i measure it, its always normal. and now for the past couple of a days, my left arm ...

 I'm able to feel my heart beat at times. But there is no pain. I went to a Doc and BP & pulse were normal ?
And my ECG and Echo were normal. What could be the reason? I had anxiety few years back....

 Is there any chance that an electronic Blood Pressure Test was misread?
I had a BP test in an optometrist office recently, and they came up with a reading of 205/131. This seems extreme to me. Things I noticed about the test is that the cuff was not secured on my arm, ...

Is a pulse/resting heart rate of 48 too low?

Yes, 48 is very low. It should be around 60 at least.

That is very low

No, if you're an athlete this is normal. I am a runner and my heart rate is 45. Other factors can influence this as well..but I would make sure with your doctor that everything is alright with your heart. Hope this helps!

john e russo md facm faafp
There is the typical confusion in this forum as to what the normal resting heart rate should be. Decades ago it was said to be 60 to 100 beats per minute and many medical sources still suggest this number. Based upon publication of more than 200 studies of 24 hour ambulatory recordings however it was demonstrated that the normal resting heart rate for an adult is actually 50 to 90 beats per minute. Children and adolescents tend to have faster resting heart rates just as those over age 65 tend to have slower resting heart rates. If you are an adult your resting heart rate is normal. If you are a teenager if would be low unless you were physically very fit. If I may be of further assistance please let me know. I wish you the very best of health and happiness and in all things may God bless. JR

No it's not. It depends on your age, gender and level of fitness. For example, if my dad had the same resring pulse as me, he would probably faint!
But check it online for yourself to be sure

No. Athletes typically have a heart rate below 50 bpm.

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