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 What's wrong with me?
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Is a blood pressure of 120 over 54 good?
I'm a 27 year old, 160lb. male. I had my blood pressure screened in one of those machines in the supermarket and it read 120 (systolic) over 54 (diastolic). Normal diastolic is "below 80". Is 54 too low?

nancy jo
it's great. you must be healthy. go find something to do that will cause you to obsess less.

Drea Z
my hubby who is a paramedic says that your pressure is probably fine, but don't trust the machines at the supermarket even if it is 120/54, its not a bad pressure. your arm could have been in there wrong or anything. Don't worry, but if you are worried go to the doctor.

54 is very low. I would suggest going to your Dr. to get a check up. Those machines are not always correct but you need to make sure. Your systolic is good. Definitely get that checked out. Better to be safe.

Someone out there
It's really good. :)

Sounds a little low, but I am not sure whether I would trust a blood pressure machine in a supermarket. Most chemists will do a check for you, and they are more reliable.

That great BP. Congratulations!

Vicki C
That is very good.

Laurence W
If you are athletic and fit, the 54 is pretty normal.

The 120 says it is strong, the 54 says it relaxes well between beats. You should have a somewhat low pulse to go with that.

If you feel good, it may be one of the reasons why.

Jonathan, count yourself blessed. You're as fit as a butchers dog. Most doctors recommend getting your bp to 140/80 or lower. Your resting rate (diastolic) is a little low, but nothing to worry about. There is no extra strain on your heart, so less chance of stroke, heart attack or deterioration of organs due to hypertension.

When I went into recovery from alcoholism, I was getting readings in the rehab centre of 240/140, and it would drop at times to 100/50. The doctor keeps a close watch on my bp now and it has stabilized at 140/ 75. But I had to take meds at first, which gave me blinding headaches. Good Luck to ye.

Yes, 54 diastolic is a bit low but I wouldn't jump to conclusions over one reading in a supermarket. These machines can be way off. Also, you need a series of readings over several days to get an accurate picture.

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