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 Sometimes my heart beats strangely?
been happening a lot recently and i'm not sure what the cause is but sometimes my heart beats funny it feels like it's twitching or fluttering and sometimes is followed by pains in my arms ...

 I have have high cholesterol. im in shape and very active.how is this possible?

 URGENT my chest hurts its hard to explain i can breathe but it feels like somthing is pushing on my heart?
ok i went to the doctors and they did a bunch of checks and i have nothing they said its growing pains but i don't believe them cause it is an on and off thing for a long time like 6 months it ...

 I beg you! IF you know the answer PLEASE help me. Decrease in oxygen upon standing?
I am 18 years old female...
When I stand I get lightheaded, I went to the doctor today... and when I stood up and walked around the office my pulse was rising ... 130... and my oxygen level ...

 Is LDL (bad) cholesterol the same thing as high triglycerides?

 High blood pressure ?
I was diagnosed with hypertension and borderline anemia when i was 16, Im not overweight at all and eat healthy. I was tested for tumors, cancer, heart disease, etc. and no one can tell me what is ...

 can i get a blood clot at 18?

 how long will you live after a heart transplant on average?
and would having a post-transplant infection mean that your body will more than likely reject another one? even after continuing to take anti-rejection ...

 Is 96/58 normal blood pressure for a 15 year old girl?
I just checked my blood pressure twice and one time it was 98/56 and the next was 96/58, I was just wondering if this is normal.
Is it high or low?
I am 15, I weigh about 135 and I'm 5&...

 After angioplasty ,would i continue to take choleserol lowering drugs in my whole life?

 Question about inverted nippals?
ok so im 15 my nippals don't stick out that far (hardly not at all) but i heard of this thing called inverted nippals now im scared. since im only 15 can my nippals grow? do i have inverted ...

 heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat?
I fortunately haven't experienced any chest pain lately. Every now and then I get heart palpitations and when I put my hand to my chest I can feel my heart beat isn't steady. I was ...


 After heart surgery recovery - What is the BEST way to treat the patient?
My dad just had a quintuple bypass. He had it about 4 weeks ago. He is still in pain and very irritable. I want to be sure to try and not say the wrong things to him. I just want him to recover ...

 I have Aterial Fib & did have congestive heart failure last year on meds but am having high heart rate?
my heart has been under control with meds, but recently my heart rate just shoots up even while laying down saw my dr. & it was normal by the time I got to see him Is this something to go to the ...

 My ANA test and ESR test (blood work) came back normal. Does that rule out connective tissue disorder?

 brand name / names drugs for generic of amlodipine besylate?

 How does a diet high in saturated fat cause high cholesterol?

 can high blood pressure cause seizures?

 i have been on coreg for high blood pressure any know about a shortage of this drug?

Is 97 over 46 a normal blood pressure?
my blood pressure is 97 over 46. Is that normal?

mine is usually 128/64. And yes it is normal depending on your height, and weight.

Not normal, but formerly is correct--if you don't have symptoms, it probably is fine. There are some conditions that can cause low BP without symptoms, but that need attention. If your BP is repeatedly that low (and is being accurately measured) you should discuss with your doctor.

Depends on your age and your level of fitness also if you are taking medication.

m a r i a 7 x : )
120/80 or lower is normal blood pressure

The 46 sounds low to me, but I'm not a medical professional...

Your pressure is definitely not normal - its lower than the normal range; however, it is not unhealthy unless you are experiencing symptoms of low blood pressure. Common symptoms indicating that blood pressure is too low can include: dizziness, sleepiness, a perpetual mental fog, blurry vision, unsteady balance, and a few other things.

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