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chiche GU3VERA
Is 170 over 110 a bad blood pressure?
My grandma checked hers today and this is what it was.

It depends on the point of view.

For her, it's not so good.
For the medical community that charges high fees to correct it, these numbers are just about right.

Your grandma needs to increase her water intake. Not drinking enough water (dehydration) is what causes high blood pressure. Recognizing thirst begins to decline at around age 25. This is made much worse with the introduction of soft drinks, coffee and other water substitutes which are diuretics that pull out water even faster.

By the time we reach elderly status, thirst recognition is almost nonexistent.

Tests have been done to prove this.

Two groups - elderly and younger participants - had water withheld from them for 24 hours. After this time period, a glass of water was given to them. While some of the younger participants did not drink the water, nearly all of the elderly refused the water - even when it was placed directly within reach.

When the body's thirst management system recognizes a drought condition, it may borrow the water it needs from the blood (blood is made up of 94% water). Using a process called reverse osmosis, the water is literally squeezed through tiny holes in the arteries to inject into the dehydrated cells. This pressure is reflected in the blood pressure readings.

Try and get your grandma to drink more water. She should drink 1/2 her body weight in ounces of water. She should also dissolve 1/8 tsp of salt (unprocessed sea salt is best) for every 16 oz of water on her tongue prior to drinking the water.

Because she probably hasn't been drinking enough water, she should start out slowly and build up to her maximum: 3 - 8 oz glasses of water the 1st day, add 1 or 2 glasses the next day, 1 or 2 glasses the next day and so on until the maximum is reached.

This will bring her blood pressure down.

If she is on medication, she should stay on the medication until it is otherwise determined by her doctor.

That is very high. If that isn't normal for her, she should see her doctor.

Thats kinda high! 110 Diastolic is edging one Serve Stage 3 but 170 Systolic isnt that bad (only moderate stage 2), but it does require treatment, but it may just be a false reading and if she took it in the morning or after a salty meal it may be different to normal. Maybe she should do another test and if its the same or higher get some medical attention.

normal blood pressure ranges are 100-120 over 60-90..sounds like hers is hypertension.have her make a doctor appointment.they know her medical history and will be able to better tell what is going on.some people naturally run higher or lower

Sandy Sandals
That's pretty high. She needs to see a doc about that soon, and in the meantime avoid sodium.

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