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 My heart beats hard and heart rate is always around 101. Is that normal?
I have always known my heart hit hard at every beat but I was told having a heart rate of 101 is not good. I get light headed easy mostly when I look behind me. I helped push my car the other day and ...

 Cardiovascular Surgeon Salary?
How much does a cardiovascular surgeon in Tennessee(Chattanooga) make starting and also with 10 yrs of experience?...

 High resting heart rate at 90bpm- sudden increase?
My BPM's been consistency at the lower boundaries of the average (around 55-60bpm),and i'm play squash, run and go to the gym. However, recently, i've not done any cardio, and instead, ...

 how risky is it have your valve of you heart repaired?

 Can a blocked coronary artery cause these symptoms?
I ask because I have had a battery of physical tests which include:

Complete Blood Count X3
Thyroid/Parathyroid Blood Test X2
Cholesterol, Calcium, Magnesium,
D-Dimer Test<...

 health - blood pressure?
if a blood pressure test was purposely made high would the patient suffer a mini heart attack or stroke symptons later ? could it be construed as attempted murder ?...

 does anyone know what this is ?
i feel like my heart is racing away, but actually its not, i took my pulse its fine
could this be something serious ?????...

 Why did the medical profession ever believe that natural saturated fat was bad for your health?
Don't infants get saturated fat from breast-milk? Does it calcify their arteries before becoming school age?

If it is because it is a solid at room temperature does that mean it is ...

 Could several shocks from a 10,000 volt Electric Fence send your heart into AF?

 Why is indigestion a symptom of congestive heart failure?
How are they related?...

 Can 16 year olds get heart disease/problems?

 My dad has increased urea level . blood pressure normal only .?
he has stomic pain also .kindly guide me which hospital best in ...

 Aspirin alternative for daily use?
I have had some minor heart problems in the past and my GP has advised daily aspirin but I am concerned about side effects such as stomach problems.
Does anyone know of an alternative without ...

 is baldness reversible?
can stem cells help to regenerat hair grow.......if so where in india u have this treatment?...

 Has congress added ischemic heart disease to the agent orange presumptive list?
I've been looking online for information about this, has anyone else heard anything about it?...

 UK health care- is this true? Please confirm.?
American here.

President Obama is pushing through a new health care plan here in the US, and there are people for and against it.

I have noticed people are just making things up-...

 I'll be having open-heart surgery soon, what is a good gift to bring the nurses in my ward?
I'm not sure about candy, because not everyone likes candy!...

 What is an Engeoplasty?
Last night I found out that my Mom is getting an Engeoplasty next week, and I did some quick research on it. Is it a surgery? Is it serious? I knew my mom had problems with high blood pressure and ...

 Why do I have these breathing and heart problems?
Hey guys, I'm a freshman and I need some help
The problem is, ever since I've been a kid, I've had trouble exercising. You see, when I was like 6 - 9, I had asthma problems. H...

 my mother has heart trouble, is the constant pain in her leg a possible blood clot?
she`s 55 and has 3 heart attacks in the past 6yrs!
for about 3 months now she has had constant pain in her left leg and will not see the GP!
obviously we/she is worried...
i have a ...

IS blood pressure 132/67 ok?

The bottom number is a bit low, but it's pretty much normal. Not everyone has exactly the same numbers when it comes to blood pressure..Typically doctors like it in the 120/80 range but as long as you're not having any strange symptoms it's okay if it's a little bit higher or lower than that.

You are considered in the stage of:

Prehypertension" is systolic pressure of120-139 or diastolic pressure of 80-89 mmHg;

However, although your systolic is slightly elevated, your diastolic is falls in the range of normal which is:
"Normal" blood pressure is systolic pressure less than 120 and diastolic pressure less than 80 mmHg

Its pretty close to normal, 145/80~~ or over could turn into a problem.

Yes stop being an idiot.

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