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 Blood pressure 152/96, pulse 75 - Is this bad?
I'm usually very low, but yesterday this was my reading. Is this bad?...



 Food for promoting healthier heart?
I got a bad neighbour who make loud noise whole day. I jump from my sleep every morning and now I suffer from weak heart. Any food suggestion for healthier heart?...

 heartburn or heart attack?
i have a burning sensation in the center of my chest. it comes and goes. it also runs to my lower neck. i tried to drink milk to make it go away and eat something but the pain is still there.my blood ...

 My heart hurts after eating the D's (McDonald's), am i going to die in my sleep?
Just had 2 big macs and a a liter of cola and 2 McDoubles and 2 apple pies, with a McFlurry. I am just a little concerned....

 I have been told I have high cholesterol and need to go on?
a low-fat diet, does anyone have any recipes , nice and quick and easy, which might be of use please - mainly evening meals and lunch time meals. ...

 high blood pressure? 141/96?
I went to check my blood pressure a couple weeks ago and the result was 141/96! I'm 17, female, and the doctor said it was very high for my age! she told me to reduce salt in the food and to ...

 Should i be worried (see details)?
Im a 14 year old boy and i will admit im kind of a worrier. Today i had this random shot of pain (not excruciating) every now an then on the left side of my chest. Also my heartbeat seems to be going ...

 Questions about Blood Pressure?
I'm 20/male, few days ago I had ago at a home blood pressure kit and it read 152/112 I know thats very high.

I got slightly nervous while waiting for the results to pop up, would that ...

 What do i do if someone's having a heart-attack?
I just wanted to ask because I think it's important to know... please tell me what to do properly,step by step, because i have no clue what to do at all.. i know i should call an ambulance, but ...

 I'm 14 years old and my doctor told me I have a heart murmur?
Are they harmful?
She said i had to get an ultrasound..
Could it mean anything bad?
It developed in the past couple months cause in September i didnt have it..

What could ...

 Blood pressure question. How you know it is high or low. HElp?
I am 18 years old female. 127 pounds, 5,7 tall.
My blood pressure is 127/88.... What does the 88 stand for? is the heart rate?...

 is a blood pressure reading of 132-74 within the normal range? with a heart range of 78.?
i have a portable bp machine which i use at home....

 Okay can you tell me is this is a serious heart problem?
Okay ive been to the Doctor so far ive had a blood test all fine ecg an echocardiogram andrecentlyy ive had a holterMonitorr on for 24 im still waiting for results what the problem is that i have a ...

 how would a Heart attack feel like?
can anyone explain how a heart attack feels like?...

 what beats very fast, other then a heart?

 is it a heart attack????
if sumbody has a pain down the top of their left arm from the top of thier chest, what is this, they have no other symptoms and have felt this pain b4 no other symptoms and its very mild, what is ...

 Chest Pains......S.O.S.?
i get chest pain(left side) occassionaly, and i'm not able 2move 4those few mins. (20-30min). What must be the problem, m scared to consult the Dr. Its happening since 3yrs. Should I take X-ray &...

 Did I have a heart attack or panic attack?
Okay, first I will tell you a little bit about myself.

Height: 5'7
Weight: 143 lbs
Age: 18

I smoked a ciggerette and then my blood pressure went up to 192/120. My ...

 what should the blood pressure be for a fit 53 year old man?
and what should his heart rate be,thanks in advance to all who answer....

I woke up with a really fast heartbeat?
Yesterday I fell asleep on a chair, I had been awake for around 43 hours, I woke up out of breath and my heart was beating really fast and I felt scared, it took about 20 mins to go back to normal, what could it have been?
Im 17

lack of sleep

tim g
watch the high fat food.

Kaytee [ABrUPT]
you had a nightmare and dont remember it. i bet.

i've had something like that but u gotta give a bit more info was it like realy fast and abnormallike it was skipping something well see a doctor and stay of caffeine and chocolate... those can have a big afffect on the heart.

When you sleep your heart rate decreases a lot and your breathing becomes very slow and deep also. When you wake up, your heartbeat will automatically increase it's rate as will your breathing. Most heart attacks happen at the time people are first waking up from a deep sleep and then getting up to go to the bathroom or whatever. But usually that's older people.
I think you may have been under a lot of stress from being awake for 43 hours straight and when you fell asleep, you fell into a very deep sleep so your heart rate went down. If you were on a chair, you probably woke up quicker than normal and you may have gotten up too soon.
It's best to lie in bed for a couple of minutes before getting up from a deep sleep. Just to let your heart rate get adjusted to beating faster from waking up. Actually getting up from the bed or chair will make it go even faster and if you go to the bathroom and try to poop and strain any, it will beat even faster. So, always wake up slowly and try to take your time and then roll out of bed instead of sitting right up and then standing.

See your doctor about it soon.

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