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 can heart patients take multivitamins?
like heart patients who are on heart failure medications.can they take ...

 how do you get blood pressure up?
I have low blood pressure and its bad. I need to get my blood pressure up for heath reasons. Does anybody know how to get higher blood ...

 why do i feel like my heart is jumping out my chest....?
well i mean i keep feeling like my heart is being resusitated ,, like it jumps out and it really scares me,,, ive only had this for a week and im starting to worry......

 Do I still need a beta blocker?
In Decemeber 2009 I was put on Bystolic for High Blood Pressure from a 100 pound weight gain I accumulated from an 8 month regimen of Zyprexa. My BP back then before bystolic was 145/110. After 4 ...

 Cardiovascular question?
after strenuous exercise i get the following symptoms
Dimmed vision
hollow hearing
chest pain,
pain breathing
pounding beat in the Carotid that feels like the neck is gonna ...

 should a heart disease patient use the electronic cigarette?
My mom has had a triple bypass & a heart attack, but she still struggles with wanting a cigarette. Are the non-nicotine electronic cigarettes safe for her?...

 why syptoms of heart burn increases during night?

 Out of shape symptoms???????
Well my blood pressure is normal but my pulse rate is 120 130 bmp. I haven't exercised in like months I sit on the computer almost all day long. I'm 118 pounds i'm 13 and I don't ...

 Anyone ever had a SVT attack?
I recently SVT attack where my heart pulse went up to 286 beats per minute where as it should be 80 beats per minute. After going to the hospital, I found out it was called a SVT attack. So it has ...

 High pulse!?!?! Help!!!?
Ok so i'm 13 and i'm 121 pounds. So i'm really overweight and i have done no exercise all winter and my resting pulse is around 99 to 110 Should I be worried??? is it just because I...

 is it normal to be light-headed for 2 weeks?
hey guys

so basicly i have been light-head for 2 weeks now and i'm getting worried. i have my off day where i'm lightheaded but this has been the longest i have even been

 what is rythmic arrhythmia?
1. how bad is it
2. what are the causes
3. how to cure and ...

 Should I be worried about getting a Cardiac Catheterization done?
I am an overweight 30 yr old male. My bad cholesterol is 230ish and my triglycerides are round 450.
I recently had a nuclear stress test done that showed that a lower part of my heart might not ...

 How is Anthony Colpo wrong? When you look at the studies he cites, they found exactly what he says?
So how is he wrong?...

 Am i hypo or hyper here are my T4 and TSH levels?
Im 17 female I started having hair loss which didn’t stop for 6-7 months I started takin sum vitamin tablets nothing improved so I went to the doctor and took ...

 i always feel a shortness of breath sensation ..im always edgy. im afraid that i may have a heart problem..is?
is this only anxiety? please help....

 I am 39 yrs old male, My T Cholestrol is 259, HDL is 46 Trig is 460. Please advice what i am to do to correct?

 total cholesterol 249, hdl 40, ldl 189 but normal tg, age 31?

 my baby was born with CHD?
im 19, im a new mother and im absolutely scared to death! they have kept skyler in the hospital because he was born with CHD and hes on a machine and in an incubater because he was not breathing. can ...

 how are the heart and lung linked?
for health and social care.
how they need oxygen etc....

How long does it take to recover from a cardiac arrest?
My friend's dad just had a cardiac arrest about a week ago and he has been on life support in the ICU for the entire past week. Does it normally take this long? They've been trying to do tests on him to see how his body responses to different things but they aren't able to bring him to consciousness for too long. The only thing they were able to do so far was to have him blink his eyes and then right after, he started throwing up so they had to sedate him again just because there was a risk of him choking on the vomit.
But anyways, yeah...does it normally take a very long time in the ICU for the patient to be able to breathe on his own? One week is so long compared to the 2 days my dad spent in the ICU after his heart surgery =/

Javed I
U are wrongly using the word cadiac arrest. Eith cardiac arrest if not recoverd with in minutes, the person dies.
U are probably telling about the ischaemic heart disease. In this period of recovery depends on over all condition of the patient. When his doctors think better, they will let him go home.

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