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only me
How long can a person live with aortic aneurysm?
Any stories of person living a long life with one of these.

think of it like a "inner tube" popping out of a tire. If its a little bit swollen out no big deal but as it weakens and expands it could be bad. The risk varies all over according to type and severity and location. My Mom has had one for years and they keep a yearly check on its size and make sure its not getting worse, put her on some meds to reduce the systolic pressure and she carries on as usual. Others are much more severe and are life threatening if they rupture. Your vascular surgeon should be able to tell you if it needs operation or correction. In the old days they had to cut down to the aorta and patch it up from the inside but now they have catheters which can deliver a patch percutaneously into the weak spot so not a major operation as before.

With the advances in medical science these days there is no need to live with it. An aortic aneurysm is basically a swollen vessel. You don't want to live with it. It could rupture and you would bleed to death in a matter of minutes. Get it repaired quickly.

How long can a person live depends on the strength of the walls of the aorta, and how fast the aneurysm is growing. For higher risk individuals they are starting to do surgery at 4.5 cm near the valve and wait until 6 cm for descending/abdominal aorta usually.

Obviously some things play into it. Age - arteries get brittle thus taking the pumping action of the bp harder. Things that can help bp is less sodium, caffeine, not smoking, watching cholesterol.

Stories of person living a long life, well, I have a friend who was determined not to have surgery since his son had died in surgery so by the time he gave in and had surgery he was in his 70's and his aorta was over 10cm. I don't recommend this!! There is no way to know how long a person has. I ruptured at a smaller than usual size and I guarantee it is a much easier recovery from an elective surgery than an emergency if there is recovery from emergency. Many don't make it to the hospital not alone through surgery if a rupture happens.

As for the VA, my family has dealt with them and it wouldn't hurt get another opinion. Also regardless it always helps to do more research. Many doctors don't know enough about specific problems and aortic aneurysms can be one of them.

Mr Foto
I had an aortic root aneurysm for 7 years. As it slowly enlarged it was monitored every 6 months with an ultrasound. When the time came when it was dangerous, it was repaired. That was almost 6 years ago.
Just keep it monitored, and don't play hard contact sports.

If it is an Ascending Aortic Aneurysm and 5cm big then it is time NOW for it to be fixed. I had mine fixed at this size and I had a new aortic valve put in as well. 2 years later and you would never know I had that deadly condition.

Sure its scary but one thing is certain, if it isnt fixed it will burst oneday and then suvival chances are less than 5%. Most people who have a dissecting aortic aneurysm never make it to the hospital. If its an abdominal aneurysm then I think they let them get to 6cm before operating.

Go get a 2nd opinion if you dont agree with your current doctors. Dont risk death, fix it now,. No stories of someone living a longtime with one, it doesnt happen. They usually die suddenly.

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