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 The Heart Filtering the Body?
How does the heart filter around the body?...

 Um trouble with my heart i think?
um do i show some signs of possibly having a heart attack? i can be walking or doing a normal activity, then all of a sudden i almost double over in pain, because it feels like my heart is about to ...

 I still hear my pulse in my head-- in the back on both sides. WHY???????
I have high choloesterol.
My doc says i have a hearing problem- Yes i do- but i don't think this is why i hear my pulse....

 What effect do the following have on blood pressure? Increase or Decrease?
What effect do the following have on blood pressure? Increase or Decrease?

1) Increase diameter of the arterioles?
2)Increase blood viscosity?
3)Increased cardiac output?

 I have sharp chest pain and I am only 23 years old.?
During the past couple of days, I've been experiencing sharp left-sided chest pains. The pain feels like it is near my heart. It only lasts a few seconds, and it has only happened a few times. I&...

 heart burn?
what does heart burn feel like cause i have a pain in my heart it's not sharp but it's definatley not dull i had this feeling once last week but didn't think anything of it but now it ...

 Lung cancer, heart disease, etc. help?
I need to know more about how these things are bad for your health for school:

Lung cancer
Heart disease

I need a good description on how ...

 heard recently that dairy products are harmful for the heart related patients. How confirm this information is

 Question about what can increase the heart rate...?
I already suffer from an increased heart rate. Resting being 130+. My question is what could cause the heart to beat so fast.
Do diet pills cause it? ( I used to take them but not anymore since ...

 What carries blood away from the heart?

 Is coreg an alpha beta blocker, how is it diferent from toprol xl?

 I tested positive on a thallium stress test, do i need an angioplasty?
O have 244 total cholesterol and 33 HDL...

 heart rate.....?
first i need to know how to figure out my heart rate in beats per minute.
and when i stepped on the elliptical today it said my heart rate was 146 but i didnt even work out yet. sometimes i get ...

 I have a typically low bp, 108/63, should I be concerned about taking an ACE Inhibitor 5mg/day for my kidneys?
Creatinine, Urine result 39.6....

 my heart is beating really weird!?!?
like it's thumping all hard and randomly in a row...i'm healthy..eat well and exercise too. i'm 15. what could be wrong? murmur or something?...

 My 40 year old friend recently had a heart attack....?
now ( at least ) he is back at home in bad resting. I am going to pay him a 20 min. visit today. Can anyone suggest me what to take him with me? e.g. food items or juice drinks.......

 Would like to know about treatments for A-Fib?

 how long does it take for a army med waiver for a heart murmur?

 Blood pressure pills... help please?
Like 6 months ago I went to the hospital complaining about abdominal pains and a spell i had when I went to the bathroom i learned I had high BP and some blood in my urine they did all kinds of other ...

 Shortness of breath, low heart rate?
I am currently having a hard time getting a good, fulfilling breath. My blood pressure is perfect (all the times I visit my doctor) and my resting heart rate I just checked was 52, so a little low. I ...

How does high blood pressure affect your liver?

No direct relation, except that the blood vessels supplying the liver may be indirectly affected by high blood pressure. But a low blood pressure can directly damage liver cells (Ischemic hepatitis).

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