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Jack C
How can i calm my heart down after taking cocaine?PLEASE HELP!!!?



obviously no one here has done cocaine, just take some like sleeping pills or something to help u go to sleep and you'll be fine, this happened to me every night for like 6 months and thats all i did

The vagal maneuver is not going to help your heart to slow down from cociaine. Its going to have to run its course. Your going to kill yourself with that stuff.

You need to stop using cocaine. Because cocaine is a stimulant, it can cause your heart rate to race out of control, and you could die of a heart attack. (It is also illegal.) Please get professional help to stop using cocaine. Your life may depend on it.

There is no non-medical method. If you are really all that concerned stop using the stuff. How do you calm down your rapid heart beat? There is no easy way. Because drug detoxification is a medical procedure, physicians and other medical professionals must supervise it. Once the detox process is completed the person should be placed on a meal plan to obtain proper nutrition. In more severe cases crack addicts have seriously damaged their bodies and need physical therapy. A lot depends on your degree of addiction. Have you been a long time user or just a casual user? The deeper the addiction the more difficult it is to reverse it. I know, I know..... all you want to hear right now is how to calm your heart. Unfortunately you will have to consult with a doctor about that. I wish you the best.

Go to the Emergency Room... NOW

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